Honda is one of the few automakers left that still sprinkle manual transmission options throughout its lineup, with the Acura TL being the. Whatever you think of the new Acura TL’s er, unusual styling, you’ve got to hand it to the boffins working on the car — they’re enthusiasts. Thankfully, shortly after the TL went on sale, Acura announced plans to add a manual gearbox back to the lineup. Unfortunately, it would.

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Whatever you think of the new Acura TL’s er, unusual styling, you’ve got to hand it to the boffins working on the car — they’re enthusiasts.

2010 Acura TL SH-AWD Manual Quick Drive

Most luxury brands can boast no better than a low single-digit manual gearbox take-rate. Acura is one of those: That’s yl for those Acura boffins to argue for it, coming a year after the new TL’s launch, due to the car’s engineering development cadence.


Honda management figured the stick might as manuap be scrubbed, however, and management still has months to pull the plug if it so decides. The six-speed manual will be available only with the hp, 3. Engineers worked to get Acura’s first SH-AWD manual’s gearshift and clutch to feel as good as any front-drive Acura or Hondawith an 8mm shift throw, which it claims is shortest in the segment.

The Acura engineers met their target: Clutch-pedal takeup is even and progressive, saving you from lurches, and the gearshift feels as good as the Civic Si’s. The six-speed manual is 88 lb lighter than the five-speed automatic, and Acura didn’t alter the springs and shocks, so the car has a slightly stiffer ride. The car will cost the same as an automatic TL with the tech package, and in.

How does it work? Very well, thank you. Besides the smooth shifting-action, the tri-pedal enhances the TL’s sporting intentions.

2010 Acura TL – Owner’s Manual (612 pages)

It felt fluid and easy to drive quickly around Honda’s tight, technical 1. Acura says your humble servant’s best lap time yl 1: Whatever you think of the TL’s looks — and your opinion will be strong, guaranteed — you must give Acura big credit for maintaining a manual gearbox option in a segment for which it has been all but abandoned.


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