Grab ahold of some TP and prepare crap yourself, Pimp Network Community fav. Paradise has just released his book “21st Century Fox:Space Age Pimpin” unto. 21st Century Fox Space Age Pimping has 4 ratings and 0 reviews: pages. A digital ages pimpin. 21st Century Fox Space Age Pimping. Click the start the download. DOWNLOAD PDF. Report this file. Description. A digital ages pimpin.

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Astoundingly, Paradise’s values include honesty, ethics, free pi,pin and positive interaction with others. There are no Cadillacs, violence or fur coats to be found in this book.

The counter-manipulation tactics in 21st Century Fox blow even the most manipulative person out of the water. With insight that only experience can build, he explains how you can start, finish or continue relationships in perpetuity on your own special terms and be as attractive as possible to the opposite sex, no matter your weight, background, social circle or wallet size.

How do you date women simultaneously, with them all aware of each other? How do you get women want to take you out, spoil you, get you gifts and take you on holiday?

How do you ensure you are worshipped both in and out of bed? How do you have a relationship on your own terms and conditions?

To many men the question is not “how” but rather, “is that possible? It’s the product of field-tested psychology and inner principles, with plenty of practical examples by a veteran rather than by an inquiring outsider.

This book, which provides unique insight into relationships and human psychology inspired a whole generation of relationship gurus over the last decade.

This groundbreaking book describes how an average man, or woman, can use Pimp-derived principles practically in their everyday life to improve their control of money sex and happiness in relationships.

Centur you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Read more Read less. Customers who bought this item spaec bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Instructional Guide New Edition Volume 1. The Laws of Human Nature. The Art of Mashin and Smashing.

What your mom should have told you!! No More Mr Nice Cenyury Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Along for the Ride.

Lost Interviews with the Pimp – Book Two. The Lost Interviews with the Pimp. Infinite Dreams; 2nd edition Language: I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Showing of 11 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Please try again later. Oh boy, where do I start? How do you begin to describe a book that has had such a high impact on your life? A book that is solely responsible from getting me from there to here? A book that was discovered upon desperation after years of frustration, loneliness, turmoil and rejection? A book that shattered my beliefs, shook me to my core and challenged my view and philosophy of life and relationships in particular. A book that went against everything I had been told.


I could literally write a whole book as a review to this magnificent piece of literature but instead I know people do not have that attention capacity so instead I will write some quotes and snippets that I have found interesting and that I have ingrained into my life philosophy.

21st Century Fox Space Age Pimping

Women get chased and chosen on a daily basis, they really don’t appreciate it. How can you appreciate the same car you have driven your whole life? Women have been getting chased and chosen since day one. They want to chase the prize, they want to choose for once. The only thing rarer than a beautiful women is a prince charming that has his life together.

Yes that means you! Be the prize and watch them put in all the leg work, watch them come chasing after you, jumping through hoops and making the time to see you. They are not creators, they spend, they are selfish, they are vain spxce they love attention.

Clout or money is what provides them these pleasures and security. Why is money the biggest problem in relationships and marriages? Like Paradise says, I don’t argue with the MatrixI learn the rules and operate the best way possible within the Matrix. Stop being in cfntury. To be their best option and have them chasing you and be in the ultimate position of power, it is of the highest order of importance that you get your pmipin game together!

Like Scarface said “First you get the money, pumpin you get the power, then you get the girl” Stop making women your priority in life.

Get your life in order, focus dox you and make yourself your priority in life. Woman will take notice of a high caliber man because in a world of average joe’s, they stick out like a sore thumb. Trust me they will find a way to get your attention. Only when a woman chooses you will she able to really respect you and love you. A woman that choose you opens the door for you and lets you walk right through it.

Only when you chase is when women play games, avoid that! You always have to be operating in a position of power by being chosen. You DO NOT want your woman spcae all the cards and having that power, she will manipulate that power till no end and make your life miserable.

Because they were the prize, not the man. They were chosen when it should have been the man. It’s not hard to get a woman, the problem is keeping her, especially nowadays with all the distraction, options and cox that their smartphone, social media and online dating provides.

The promise of greener pastures is ruthless and men have never been so thirsty in the history of the world. Remember, sex is on a mans mind all the time.


It’s that same sex drive that is the reason why man created the world, inventions, art, music, buildings etc.

21st Century Fox Space Age Pimping: Paradise: : Books

All these creations to impress women and the promise of sex. This same mechanism is what causes women to have sex as a reward to good behavior or material gains. If women were so driven to have sex, why don’t they chase men? Why don’t they create? It’s the only way to maintain her interest over the long term. Remember money buys vanity and security, the two most important elements in a woman’s life.

When a women cheats on you or dumps you, you better know that it is always for another man. As Paradise says ” A monkey doesn’t let go of one branch until he has a firm pi,pin on another” When a woman cheats it is very subtle and never in a hurry and always for a better competitor, this is their inherit hypergamous nature.

How am i different? How can a woman choose me? Outside of clout as being pimpn most important factor, the next is environment. You’ll have far more success with less money and a better environment than more money and a bad environment. One of the biggest struggles men have is being in a bad environment, location. You have to give yourself the best chances at succeeding.

For example if your Asian why would you date a white girl? If you speak Spanish, what are you still doing living in the US? You should be in Latin America where your success rate will be magnified a thousand fold. You get the idea, a lot of men’s struggles is simply about spacd in the wrong environment.

Like a sausage fest for example, you get my point. If money is tight then your focus should be on maximizing your opportunities in a better environment while working on your money game. You should always be studying your fentury behavior. Look for any changes in character, routines, comments, centhry. Like I said, women cheat very subtle. They also cejtury to instigate fights when they are looking to leave a relationship.

They try to make their partners mad to the point of him pipmin upset and then flipping the problems on him as an easy way out of a relationship. Be careful with your reactions! I’ll be cenyury this review as I see fit.

If I get no comments i will stop it here. Needless to say, get the book, study it, live it, breathe its philosophy and watch it slowly transform your life. I only wish Paradise would finally release his second book he promised about 5 years ago and that he was more actively involved in the community.