Page 1. CORE. MATHS for A-level. L. BOSTOCKS, CHANDLER. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page It is true that they are more rigorous that the Edexcel textbooks, which are not very taxing for the person who is aiming for A/A* in Further Maths A Level. I’m not . Book that will help you with pure math, college mathematics, calculus. it is worth it %.

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Core Maths for ‘A’ Level: L. Bostock, S. Chandler: : Books

Can’t find any interesting discussions? Book a uni open day. News and lifestyle forums. GCSE home and forums. A-level home and forums. About Grow your Grades. Study tools and advice. Uni home and forums. Careers home and forums. Fancy studying your degree online? This is what it’s really like Page 1 of 1. Go to first unread. Report Thread starter 6 years ago 1.

I’ve been told these book are more rigorous questions than the current ones which Edexcel have released. Has anyone used these before? If so are they worth purchasing? Report 6 years ago 2. I’m not sure how necessary they are though.

Why not loan a copy from a library before deciding on the purchase, or just purchasing the first one before committing, at least? Report 6 years ago 3. I used the further pure book when doing my A-level further maths on AQA. It was good for additional exercises and additional persepctive from my main course book the Gaulter and Gaulter one but it was pretty old, at least the edition I was using was.


Someone will correct me if I’m mistaken, but I think my teacher mentioned it was the book she used in the s for her A-levels so you may find it’s a bit old fashioned in the approach. Definitely worth a read, though, especially if bought cheaply second-hand. Report 6 years ago 4. It’s true that these books are very old but we still use them with our students doing Maths and especially Further Maths on the CIE syllabus. The problem is not so much old fashioned-ness in style, but that they don’t match to your syllabus.

The red book probably covers the A-level more or less completely, but the stuff you need is mixed up with stuff you don’t, so it’s a bit inconvenient.

The yellow book may or may not cover all of your Further syllabus, and it will definitely have stuff you don’t need unless you’re doing STEP, and even then you might not need groupsand it might be missing very important parts e.

They have a lot of detail and a lot of good, challenging questions – they’ll be a good supplementary text for higher achieving students.

Report 6 years ago 5. STEP doesn’t have mzths groups questions in it now and hasn’t for a while. Report 6 years ago 6.


I wasn’t suggesting it did; the hypothetical person doing STEP might need groups depending on their Further Maths syllabus.

Report 6 years ago 7. Original post by isp- I’ve been told these book are more rigorous questions than the current ones which Edexcel have released.

Report 6 years ago 8. Report 6 years ago 9. I prefer them personally, I feel it is explained a lot better, and gives a deeper knowledge. Fresh Prince of Badges: Report 6 years ago How was your ? Oops, nobody has posted in the last few hours.

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