View and Download Alphasmart quick start manual online. Keyboard pdf manual download. Basic use instructions for an AlphaSmart are on the back of the unit for quick reference. available from AlphaSmart technical support – Press the On/Off key – first key at the top of the AlphaSmart keyboard. The first . The AlphaSmart can print directly to a large number of printers by using a printer cable. Visit Support Section to see a list of currently .

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For technical questions or problems, please e-mail our Technical Service Center at support alphasmart. To request an evaluation of the AlphaSmartplease e-mail evalu- ation alphasmart. For general information or sales questions, please e-mail info alphasmart. Please be sure to follow these steps completely in the order given.

Step One — Using the AlphaSmart 1. Step Three — When Done 1. Disconnect the AlphaSmart from the computer. Turn off the AlphaSmart Note for Macintosh Users: The procedures are the same regardless of the particular Macintosh model being used. Note for PC Users: Simply click on the Next button in each screen. We suggest installing the cable between your keyboard and mouse. If it is a 5-pin connector… connect the orange end of the adapter cable to the orange end of the PC Y cable.

To do so, connect the blue end of the PC Y cable instead of the grey end into the computer port on the right side of your AlphaSmart. When the AlphaSmart is turned off, no power from the batteries is used. One of the ways the AlphaSmart obtains such good battery life is by entering a low power sleep mode that uses much less power when nothing is being typed. AlphaSmartit is automatically recharged whenever the AC adapter is plugged in, or when your AlphaSmart is attached to a computer via a USB cable.

The battery pack is charged regardless of whether the AlphaSmart is turned on or off. AlphaSmart for 60— hours, depending on use. You will get the longest life from your battery pack if you wait for the Low Battery message to appear on the AlphaSmart screen so the pack is not needlessly recharged.

If your batteries are dead and you have no AC adapter, you can still send your data to a Macintosh or PC. The cable will supply power to the AlphaSmart while attached. Using the AC adapter is not necessary as the AlphaSmart will use the power available in the keyboard cable, even if no batteries are installed. AlphaHub or computer is turned off. When the cable is disconnected or power is removed from the cable, the AlphaSmart will return to the state it was in before connecting, i.

The cursor will be in the same position it was when the AlphaSmart was last used.

When the tab qlphasmart is used, it will appear as a right arrow on the AlphaSmart screen when Show Marks is activated. Editing Text The AlphaSmart has cut, copy, and paste functions for convenience in editing text. Using Your AlphaSmart Using Spell Check 1. Press the spell check key 2. If a word is spelled incorrectly, or if it is not in the spell check dictionary, you will be offered several options. Enter the master password. To enable the spell check feature, press -option-spell check again and enter the master password.


Keyboard Command Differences When the AlphaSmart is attached to a computer, all of the keys except the send key behave as standard keyboard keys.

Any characters that alphasmar typed will appear on the computer screen. When the AlphaSmart is attached to a PC The AlphaSmart can be up to three feet one meter away while alphzsmart text to and from a computer or printer. AlphaSmart equipped with the optional infrared module. Your PC must be running Windows 95 or Windows 98 or higher.

When in another application, simply put the cursor where you want the text to go and press the send key on the AlphaSmart Both transfer methods will paste your text into the spreadsheet correctly. Databases The steps below work for transferring text to an AppleWorks formerly ClarisWorks database document on a Macintosh. Database programs differ AlphaSmart Connect the AlphaSmart to the Mac keyboard cable.

Slow is compatible with all machines and most applications. This applet supports the most essential mathematical functions including addition, subtraction, multiplication, exponentiation, and division. To run the Calculator SmartApplet, press the applets key and use the arrow keys to select Calculator, then press the enter key.

Press the Update button. The update or download will take anywhere from two to four minutes. As the AlphaSmart loads Once the application indicates the SmartApplet has successfully loaded, quit the application on your computer.

Knowledge Base

Disconnect the cable Serial or USB. You have successfully maanual the SmartApplet onto the AlphaSmart Press the Applets button to switch between SmartApplets.

Printers currently supported by the AlphaSmart are listed in the Support Section of our alphwsmart at www. Printers with DIP switch settings If the AlphaSmart fails to print and your printer has DIP switches for different option settings, consult your printer user manual and set the DIP switches to the following settings This command works in stand-alone alpbasmart only, not when the AlphaSmart is attached to a computer.

AlphaSmart is attached to a computer. The current state of the shift, option, command, control, and caps lock keys are shown in the lower right of the AlphaSmart screen. Regardless of the Show Marks setting, both tabs and returns are transferred to the computer as tabs and returns. To change the keyboard layout, press option- -L. You will see four choices: The left one-handed keyboard layout The right one-handed keyboard layout When the AlphaSmart is turned on, a message will display the qlphasmart layout option selected, if other than the default QWERTY layout.

When you switch keyboard layouts, all dialog boxes and key commands are driven from the new layout. Paste the text into alphasmsrt document in that application. Advanced AlphaSmart Features You may also fax your request please include your fax number manuzl Enabling the Password Option 1.


Turn the AlphaSmart on and make sure it is not connected to a computer. Changing a Password 1. Typically, you should notice your transfer speed increase by six times when using TurboTransfer Software. Start typing and characters should appear on your screen.

AlphaSmart keyboard to see if it transfers correctly to the PC screen.

Alphasmart 3000 Quick Start Manual

This hap- pens when the Paste command is disabled—a bug in how MSWord handles the Clipboard when it is empty. To solve this, copy something into the Clipboard before you launch MSWord.

How do I replace the Lithium battery? Turn the AlphaSmart off. Remove the 8 screws from the back using a Phillips screwdriver. If my AlphaSmart does not work properly, what should I do? The PC Y cable, however, should be attached to the computer while the power is off. Phone Inside U. During this period, if a defect should occur, AlphaSmart, Inc.

Take care not to break the LCD screen.

Keep your AlphaSmart away from extreme heat. Please note that there may be a risk of physical injury due to improper use of your AlphaSmart In alphasmadt to help reduce this risk of physical injury, read and follow the instructions in this section. Positioning of the AlphaSmart The AlphaSmart should be located in front of you and at a comfortable distance so that your arms and hands are resting in a relaxed and ready position at your sides.

Choose a work area that can accommodate your AlphaSmart alpahsmart any additional materials. You should use several lighting sources to accommodate different tasks, such as overhead lighting alphaemart viewing your AlphaSmart and the overall workstation area, and more focused lighting for closer desktop tasks. Conclusion Though most of the safety guides listed here are intended for computers users, we would also like AlphaSmart users to be aware of these. By following the above recommendations and taking care of manuual overall physical condition through regular exercise, the use of your AlphaSmart should be more enjoyable and productive.

The above recommendations are to help you use your AlphaSmart in a more enjoyable and productive manner.

Assistive Technology-Alpha Smart

The following tables show the international and special characters supported by the AlphaSmartand the keystroke sequence required to generate each character. Key combinations separated by hyphens ctrl-option-2 should be pressed in the sequence given and held down until the last key is pressed.

Key combinations separated by a comma manuall, A should be pressed sequen- tially; Math Characters Character Keystroke s ctrl-option AlphaBeam delete 21 for Mac 31 paste 21 for PC 31 recover 40 characters 24 transferring text 30 connecting your AlphaSmart to a AlphaHub compatibility 57 computer 7 AlphaSmart connecting, laptops 29 keyboard commands table 80 copy command 21 password protection