Days Around the World, Anis Mansour, أنيس منصور [Anis Mansour] on We ship worldwide, We offer 50 % on the second book you order with this book. Mansour died at the age of 87 years old and left more than books, whether novels, plays, critical books, article collections, translations or. The Rare Books and Special Collections Library (RBSCL) at AUC has recently received a precious collection of books, manuscripts, personal.

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Mansour passed away on 21 October at the age of 87, leaving a legacy of more than books that he had written, edited or translated. He wrote on various topics, from travel and science to biography, philosophy and politics.

He was the first Arab journalist to interview significant international figures such as the Dalai Lama, and one of the few who wrote about supernatural forces. This garnered him wide popularity, with some of his books reprinted more than 30 times.

But it was young readers that Mansour particularly appealed to, earning the label “the youth writer. For Mohamed Badawy, a professor of Arabic literature at Cairo University, Mansour provided Arabic readers with high quality translations.


The intellectual rigor of his writings, however, has been widely contested. Born inMansour studied philosophy at Cairo University. Upon graduating inhe started his writing career by translating short stories under various pseudonyms. For days, he mansou across the continents, meeting some of the most influential figures internationally. The dispatches were exciting, and at times humorous.

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They nevertheless offered znis insights on the countries he visited and at times reinforced stereotypes. The book mostly reflects general impressions. Writing about India, Mansour described the country with phrases such as: They are a bunch of animals that deserve a foolish guy like you.

Mansour had not been to significant parts of Asia, such as Turkey and Central Asia, according to Hussein. But in the s, writers were pushing for incorporating a strong political voice, which Mansour abstained from. The novel was about an Egyptian who travels to Austria, where he marries an Austrian woman who converts to Islam and calls herself Fatima. In the translation, Mansour removed paragraphs and presented his views on the selection as part of the original text.

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Under Gamal Abdel Nasser, Mansour hailed the president as a liberator and great leader. Many political commentators believe that he had masnour influence over the president. He was a member of the delegation that accompanied Sadat on his much-contested visit to Israel in He wrote in support of the Mubarak regime, dismissing similarities between Tunisia and Egypt, arguing anos the latter enjoyed civil liberties, while simultaneously praising the revolutionary youth who marched to Tahrir Square demanding freedom.


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