Reviewer: Joël Chevassus Financial Interests: click here. Source: Esoteric K, Apple iMac Lion OSX, Squeezebox Touch + Welborne Labs PSU, Audio GD Ref . Aurender S10 Reviewers’ Choice If you aren’t familiar with the SoundStage! Network’s The World’s Best Audio System events, each is an. The Aurender S10 is a Linux based digital transport from Widealab Inc of Korea, in essence it’s a computer that is dedicated to delivering a PCM bitstream.

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Great sound enhances enjoyment and convenience is conducive to frequent music listening. The Aurender S10 is carefully engineered to deliver both superior sound quality and convenience. Should more storage be needed, the S10 and can also play music stored on NAS devices via a network connection.

WideaLab Aurender S10 Music Server

For the best convenience, the Aurender iPad App is packed with user friendly features that make managing, viewing, sorting, playing and editing playlists fast and easy. A solid-state drive s0 for playback, a low noise linear power supply for audio circuits, fan-less design and extensive shielding using thick aluminum partitions also minimize and eliminate the many types of jitter and noise.

All settings and functions of the Aurender Music Player can be easily accessed through the Settings menu, and the Aurender App comes with d10 features to make managing, viewing and playing high resolution music collections a breeze. Aside from atomic clocks, OCXO are among the most accurate and stable clocks in use today.


Aurender S10

OCXOs are orders of magnitude more accurate and stable than commonly used ordinary crystal oscillators. Temperature changes cause crystal oscillations to fluctuate which can lead to jitter in the digital audio signal. In addition, ordinary crystals are much less stable and lose accuracy over time.

To prevent jitter from temperature fluctuations, In OCXO clocks, a very stable high grade crystal oscillator is enclosed in a compartment and kept at a constant temperature. If a selected song or album is already cached to the solid-state drive, the hard drive will remain asleep. This minimizes wear and tear on the hard drive.

By caching songs to the solid-state drive for playback, jitter and noise resulting from spinning disks, moving heads and motors are also completely eliminated. Separate Power Supply for Audio Components Noise from AC power and other devices connected to the power mains is another major source of jitter and noise in the audio signal.

In the Aurender S10, a low-noise linear power supply is used to effectively minimize jitter and noise. A fanless Switching Mode Power Supply delivers stable power to non-audio components and is enclosed in a separate compartment to prevent any interference to sensitive audio components.


SoundStage! Hi-Fi | – Aurender S10 Music Server

Separate Compartment for Hard Disk Drive The internal hard disk drive is cushioned by rubber dampers to minimize vibrations and are shielded from other components in a separate compartment and shield by thick aluminum partitions. Aurender iPad App The Aurender iPad App is the culmination of years of collaboration with Aurender owners and industry partners in order to better satisfy user needs.

Full of convenient and easy-to-use features that put music collections at the aufender of your fingers, the Aurender App enables even the largest music collections to be easily viewed, managed and played at the press of a button. The Aurender App is frequently upgraded to provide the latest features and improvements and can be downloaded from the App Store free of charge.

6moons audio reviews: Widealab Aurender S10

Enjoy more than 25 million full resolution lossless music tracks with the world’s best sounding Music Server. Klang absolut berauschend, Verarbeitung erstklassig, Bedienung exzellent! To reap the akrender benefit from a music collection, convenience and sound quality are important.

Rubber damping and shielding with aluminum partitions. Music Emotion Audiostream 6moons.