Getting Started in Beekeeping, Beekeeping Basics, Honey Bee Stings, Beekeeping Regulation in Tennessee, Locating an Apiary, Bee Biology and Behavior. The 4-H Beekeeping Project helps youth learn about bees and how to be a A master beekeeper who worked with honey bees for more than 50 years often. should review them and start slowly in Advanced Beekeeping. Note to Parents and The 4-H beekeeping project helps youth learn about raising honey bees.

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For anyone that lives in the Upstate, NY area or can drive to it, this is a spectacular even that is free!

Free Bee Keeping Event in NY at Betterbee!

It is the Betterbee annual field day event! Tell them you found out about it from TheOrganicView. About our Guest Speakers. His areas of expertise include the evolution of social behavior and sociobiology as well as honeybee pets, parasites, and pathogens.

He runs the esteemed Dyce Laboratory and conducts Master Beekeeper Workshops as well as numerous other extension efforts. Valeri has been active in the family business for more than 30 years and is highly skilled in queen raising and instrumental insemination.


The Tech-Transfer Program focuses on IPM controls for honeybee parasitic mites and co-operates with bee breeders across the province to test for mite and disease resistance in honeybees. As a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala, he specialized in agribusiness, working with indigenous farmers and beekeepers and their Africanized honeybees.

Beekeeper – The Secure Employee App

He has also worked in the non-profit sector in marketing, education, and alternative energy. Margaret Stevens Margaret started Betterbee with her husband Bob in As the president and owner, she plays a role in all aspects of fletype company.

What an awesome event. It is great for the bees to get some good press. They are vital to the ecosystem. Thank you for highlighting the Bounty of Bees!

I think bees are magical, fascinating and incredibly important to our planet. I recently have discovered the power of bee pollen as a dietary supplement and fioetype thrilled with the energy boost from the pollen of these amazing creature Thanks for the post!!

There needs to be more information for back yard bee keepers.

Extension Publications – Apiculture

Always wanted to do this! I look forward to your series on bees! We need them before humans cease to exist! And you et an account on Twitter? The honeybee has three main body parts: Thanks for piecing this together — this is a great article for those of us with our heads buried in the keyboard all day.


My friend finally twisted my arm to come to see your blog. All my best, H. Your email address will not be published. Bee on organic echinacea at Eisenhower Park, NY. Thanks for posting this really helpful info. Do they sell bees too?

Too bad I missed it. I will check it out next year.

We have summer house in Saratoga. Keep up the awesome work Look forward to reading more from you in the future. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Connect with us youtube facebook twitter instagram pinterest linkedin. beekeepera

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