Cannabis in Switzerland is illegal, though minor possession was decriminalized to a fine in Several cantons began to allow adults to cultivate and use. fall under the Swiss Narcotics Act (BetmG) and are not classified as medicines. on the legislation pages of the Federal Government ( → Clas-. and Veterinary Office is able to provide more information: info(at) (“Kantonale Heilmittelkontrolle”) (see BetmG, Art. 14, BetmKV Art. 5ff, Art. 15).

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I’ll be really very grateful. Oktober Stand am 1. Die Bundesversammlung der Schweizerischen Eidgenossenschaft.

Convert your PDF files right now — free! Treatment systems overview – English – Council of Europe ; Lately there has been a debate amongst professionals and between administrators and pro Schadenminderung am Beispiel von 25 Jahren Die Weltgesundheitsorganisation Word Health.


Additional permits & information

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If you want to open the pdf at any time, just double acmin on the page you inserted. This converts the PDF to a Word document, so the formatting may change a little. The PDF-to-Word conversion works best with documents that are mostly text. How to change the default application to open pdf and word Convert password protected PDF file to Word document.

Cannabis in Switzerland

Once the password is removed from PDF file, the file is not protected any more. You can convert betm to Word in Adobe Acrobat. Then, create a Word document that contains only a few words. If you can create a PDF file from the new document, the problem is document-specific. Proceed to Troubleshoot document-specific issues.


UZH – Animal Welfare Officer – Additional permits & information

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