CAN/ULC-S – FIRE ALARM SYSTEM VERIFICATION REPORT www. (Form Version ). Page _______of ______. Date: Audit. ULC is pleased to announce the publication of the Fifth Edition of CAN/ULC- S, Standard for. Verification of Fire Alarm Systems. Building codes and fire codes in Canada typically require fire alarm systems to be verified in accordance with CAN/ULC-S and inspected in accordance with .

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Very often, you can opt to phase the replacement of the conventional field devices over a number of years all such systems are capable of maintaining the existing level luc protection in the building for as long as you need and in many hybrid type systems, the existing wiring can be utilized.

Building Life Safety Audits. These modules will include the following information: For more information you can email us or telephone In the Lower Mainland, it is imperative that reports be submitted in an acceptable format. The Verifications we perform are done so without compromise to the applicable Codes or Standards. A Verification may be required if a device is replaced or added to the system.

CAN/ULC-S | Standards Council of Canada – Conseil canadien des normes

The Verification of a fire alarm system must take place when the system is first commissioned and is one of the final steps to obtaining an occupancy permit for the building.

We’ll even troubleshoot the system for you if required and ensure the system is fully functional and ready for programming, Verification and hand-off. In most instances involving new equipment, the installing contractor provides this service under the warranty terms that often involves the manufacturer. We’ll make sure what you’re installing conforms both with the fire alarm design, the aforementioned Standard, and meets all of the local ordinances, by-laws, and the Building Code so you’ll have no surprises when it comes time to verify the system.

Check with your manufacturer’s representative and your local municipal electrical inspections branch before you initiate such a change. Our number one goal is to provide the best verification service at the best price. Depending on the size and complexity of your project, our consultation service may turn out to be the best way to ensure your accountant has reason to actually smile when he sees you.


UL Knowledge Services accepts the following forms of payment for registration: Please note that a Verification of the system may be required for any changes that affect the system’s operation. Please check with your local civic authority Electrical Inspections or Planning and follow their guidelines to ensure your system complies.

Verification takes place when new fire alarm systems are put in place and when additions or modifications are made to existing fire alarm systems. Layout – The time to call in an expert is before you pull your first wire run.

Anubis Systems Technologies provides a variety of solutions to fire alarm service companies, contractors, and building owners throughout the Lower Mainland.

Standards Council of Canada

Equipment purchased through us is of course serviced through us. Module Two Module Two continues by identifying how to verify large scale network systems, power supplies, emergency power supplies, annunciators and sequential displays, remote trouble signal units, printers, and ancillary device circuits.

We provide expert Verification services to all types of fire alarm and extinguishment control equipment as well as extend our services to installations involving renovations or additions of existing equipment regardless of manufacturer. Extinguishment, Deluge, and Sprinkler Systems. Can Anubis technicians program an existing addressable fire alarm panel?

The British Columbia Building Code references specific minimum sound pressure levels in floor areas as well as in suites of a residential or care occupancy.

UL Knowledge Services reserves the right to limit workshop attendance strictly to the foregoing. Not only are individual devices tested for a variety of conditions not just operationeach device in the system must be examined for proper placement.

Fire Safety and Emergency Planning. We can help you with lay-out and guide you through to a successful installation experience. These charges are valid for most Lower Mainland jurisdictions and are posted here as a general guide. Mircom All Models Mircom Group. Termination – If you’ve never terminated a fire alarm panel before, we can provide the expertise to do so.


Fire Alarm Verification Services

Click here for terms and conditions The reports we issue offer several enhancements over the referenced Canadian Standard and, when required, include an approved u,c of the cover sheet specified by the City of Vancouver in their Bulletin EL. Workshops – Latin America.

This course is applicable to multiple roles and levels in ilc organization, including but not limited to: Who will service my equipment? In some instances, the Electrical Design Engineer is involved in the process as well. We can assist your design consultant in drafting an alternative measures proposal accepted by many Lower Mainland jurisdictions that will allow the use of a specialized fire alarm control panel designated as a DDRC to perform emergency recall and signalling functions.

Objectives Upon completion of this course, you should be able to: It should also be noted that some jurisdictional authorities may have some additional special requirements.

Module One Module One begins with an overview of fire alarm systems and the verification process, defining appropriate documentation as well as the verification procedures for field devices and related circuits, data communication links, control units and transponders, and voice communication systems.

While our primary focus has been on fire alarm Verification and more complex system troubleshooting, we have expanded our service offering in order to meet the needs of some concerned building owners and property managers in the Lower Mainland.

In most instances, we’ve been called in to a project by a licensed electrical contractor or a fire prevention company but there have been special circumstances where either the building’s owner, a prospective purchaser, or an insurer requires a Verification or an audit of an existing fire alarm system.

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