Roulements, ensembles roulements et paliers .. Gothenburg, Sweden, 20 December SKF’s latest offering for the railway industry, Multilog IMx-Rail,is a. Auparavant, les roulements à rotule sur rouleaux s’utilisaient dans les rouleaux déplisseurs de supercalandres, car il s’agissait des seuls roulements. Caractéristiques des roulements. Les éléments sont séparables. La rondelle- arbre, la rondelle-logement et l’ensemble cage-rouleaux des butées à rouleaux.

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We encourage our customers to closely monitor the quality themselves. That is why we are currently developing our own bearing measuring equipment for commercial use which can be purchased in the near future.


Our control of bearing factories ensures the quality rouleent the entire manufacturing process to comply the ISO standards.

Modern design individual box securely protects the bearing. Flexible solutions for on-time delivery globally.

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