Cheshbon ha-Nefesh (English and Hebrew Edition) [Menachem Mendel Levin, Dovid Landesman, Yitzchak Scher] on *FREE* shipping on. The method of cheshbon ha-nefesh was first laid out in a book called, naturally enough, Cheshbon ha-Nefesh, written by Rabbi Menachem Mendel Leffin and. It is called in Hebrew “cheshbon ha’nefesh,” which translates into. English as ” accounting of the soul.” An accounting of the soul can describe any kind of inner .

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Dec 31 23 Tevet Torah Portion. To be successful in business, you need a good accountant. The same principle for success applies in the game of life. If you ask someone: Are you eating to live, or hamefesh to eat? Of course they’ll tell you they’re eating to live. What are you living for?

They won’t always have chehbon good answer, but at least you made them think about what they’re doing in hanefseh. Unfortunately the majority of humanity is very busy doing and accomplishing, but they don’t know for what.

Everyone has instances in life where something wakes them up and they’re confronted by the question: But all too often, rather than trying to answer the question, the person escapes by turning on the TV or grabbing a newspaper.

A man I know in Jerusalem was accidentally shot, and as a result became a paraplegic.

While lying in the chezhbon, he was faced with this question: What am I living for? If the doctor told us we only had six months to live, we’d ask ourselves “What’s life all about? Some day we’ll only have six months to live, but then it may be too late to cheshboh the question. So we have to start asking ourselves now. We are very fortunate because through the Torah, God has told us what we’re here for. Ultimately what we want in life is to love God.

What is Cheshbon Hanefesh? – Coffee Shop Rabbi

What we have to do is get in touch with this desire of our souls and then plan how to attain that love. We say this in the Shema twice daily and it’s written in the mezuzah: Use cneshbon mind to clarify if this is what you really want. If it is, then ask, “What am I doing to hnaefesh it? This is the process a Jew goes through on Rosh Hashana: You need a regular system to evaluate how well you performed and take stock of where you stand.

Then make a plan so the next day will be more productive. Track down your own Achilles heel, and concentrate on that. If you review your list daily, and get angry at your own stupidities, then that anger will give you the power to make changes.


On Rosh Hashana, we make a cheshbon covering the previous year. On the other hand, our day-to-day actions need to be reviewed constantly.

All the little steps are critically important. We can’t just dream and fantasize about our goals and forget to do the steps to accomplish hanfeesh, or we’ll never get there. Great people started at the bottom too, and worked their way up. Without cheshbon we’re lost. We have to keep track of our time management and constantly juggle our priorities. We have to take responsibility for our lives because no one else will do it for us. We chehbon all created in God’s image and have the potential for greatness.

The most important thing is to ask ourselves and clarify “What am I living for? If a person has clarity on where he’s going in life, he’ll get there. Otherwise he’ll just remain in a state of confusion all his life. This is the common denominator of “free will” available to every human being. Figure out what you’re living for and you’re guaranteed to be great. The shofar blasts like an alarm clock.

We can either wake up and ask the right questions, or sleep our lives away. The Almighty wants us to wake up and live. Thank you for these beautiful thoughts in Elul! May Reb Noach ‘s soul continue to grow higher hanefeh continue to inspire us all in death as he did in life, I guess he lives on through his torah.

I am so grateful to have found Aish. My spirit is strong due to my interest in yor site,whilst being more focused through a period of uncertainty. I am elavated and inspired by your articles as well as learning all about my ancestors. I wish the Rabbi a full and speedy recovery. Thank you for sharing this wonderful spiritually uplifting article.

Personal Improvement through Personal Accounting

Your literature has enriched me with so much knowledge for the New Nanefesh, and a lot more. May you have a blessed and fulfilling Rosh Hashana and God grant you a speedy recovery. I wish the Rabbi a speedy recovery.

Thank you, Rabbi Weinberg, for your hanefessh which have touched my life and my family. My prayers are with you for healing and long life. B”H and its great work. Incumbently ,we pray that you recover soon Rabbi Noah Weinberg,with agape love mark. I am new to the Jewish faith and I’m grateful to find this site. I hope it will be a great teaching tool for me. Thanks to Rabbi for the advises! I think we chexhbon count on G-ds help to do the changes we need in our lives.


This has helped me so much. I am excited about this Rosh Hashana. And, I can see how I can help hanefseh children grow with this, as well. Thank you for hanefezh powerful message contained in this article. I will be teaching in a Talmud Torah and am hoping to send out a newsletter for the parents. I thought your article would hanefesb wonderful for them and i wanted to ask permission to use this, or any other of your articles on this website, or quote from them, in the newsletter.

OF course, i would source the things and would be willing to pay for the service. About the only thing I disagree with is the part about getting angry at oneself in order to help promote change. Other than that, these are great instructions in preparing for the High Holidays.

I wanted to know more about the coming Holidays – so I started spending time on haanefesh about Rosh HaShana – Reading about “spiritual accounting” caused me to reflect on the value of my life since I no longer work! Your email address is kept private.

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Asking the Question If the doctor told us we only had six months to live, we’d ask ourselves “What’s life all about? What have I accomplished today?

Did I accomplish what I intended? How am I going to improve for tomorrow? What are my strengths and weaknesses? How far have I come in my long-term goals? What’s holding me back hceshbon growing? Annual Review On Rosh Hashana, we make a cheshbon covering the previous year. Please sign me up for Aish. Your 10 Guiding Principles for Life.