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Sri Vadiraja on his regular periodic victory travel digvijaya visited famous Pandarapura. During that time, one fine morning when he opened his box of worshipping idols devara pettige, which contains worshipping idols and saligramas he could not see his diety Sri Hayagriva idol, but through his vision he could realize what has happened and started walking towards the Bhimarathi River.

Then Sri Vadiraja told him not to worry about the happening and not get wild about it and assured him that he will compensate the loss. And also told him to show the place where his horse has eaten his plants in the morning.

On telling this the saint started walking towards the farmers farm. While going towards the farm Sri Vadiraja started composing Sri Dashavatara Stotra in Ashwa Dhati raga of horse footsteps with utmost devotion.

On seeing the horse the farmer pointed swamiji towards the dqshavatara and told the swamiji it is the same horse which has eaten his farm plants. Then Swamiji assured him that he will take care of the horse and started going near to the horse, suddenly the horse disappeared from the scene. The farmer was surprised and astonished about the happening, then the farmer and stutii went and saw the place where the horse has eaten the bengal gram plants, there they could see where ever the horse has eaten styti plants they saw golden bengal grams.

The farmer was very surprised about it and recollected that the horse which he could see for the second time also disappeared and he could see the golden bengal grams in his farm, made him very astonished, then swamiji told him that the horse which he saw was none other than God and it is not normal horse and he has been blessed with the wealth and he stutii take those and live happily. Then farmer has decided to take the golden wealth which was blessed by the God and give all his lands as donation to the temple.

Since that time this Stotra is considered to be initative to get love from Sri Hari and it has been a custom among the devotees to pray or worship through this stotra while concluding daily pujas or devara pooja.

This practice is continuing in all vaishnas groups, temples, mutts etc. English translation for Dashavatara Stuti is sourced from http: Sri Hari, you are wearing a very special and useful body of Fish, like any other fishes who lives in water, if you push the water the whole ocean starts overflowing swelling by your great push.

The ocean also looks dangerous by the presence of big whales and other similar animals, in the same ocean you are roaming viharisu. In your stomach you have kept all vedas scriptures permanently firmly without any movement. These vedas has been given to Brahma and from whom you are getting praised through the same vedas. You have protected through your golden horns the vehicle, which is made out of special wood, which contained all the seeds of creation during the extinction time which were to be needed by Vyvasvatha Manu, son of Sun who will act as creator in the next manvanthara.

You possess golden shining body and you are always loved by Gyanis one who has learnt vedic knowledgeplease protect me.

Sri Hayagriva, one will get fear after seeing the dangerous and ferocious ocean with foams froth which swell and spattering all over.

In that ocean you will roam and run in an astonishing way. You are the root cause of this universe, you are decorated by the bridle kadivana pointed tooths. One cannot understand fully know your greatness. You are the leader of demi gods devataaswho is in the form of Sri Hayagriva, please bless me with complete knowledge. One who is in the form of tortoise turtle Sri Hari, you have taken weared the golden mandara mountain this was the mountain which was used dashvaatara churning of the ocean by gods and demons, which is considered to be large huge and bulky without any problems with ease.


During that time in the court of Sudharma you have distributed the above amrutha to those who has taken shelter refuge of dharma and looked after their welfare. Your protected shielded jacket coat is shining like summer Sun.

You were not tired while creating stutu universe and also after the creation. Please specially protect me. OH Dhanvantari, your body is shining like sun and you are destroying the enemies of trees like the dessert drying the trees.

Dashavatara Stuti

You are present in the form of sparkles in moon which is full of amrutha divine drink. In different manvantara different yugas like svayabhuva you have manifested in different forms like kapila, yagna etc. For all medicines you are the resource You are protecting all medicines. Manamatha who is the son of Sri Lakshmi Devi who is the daughter of Ocean was killed destroyed, burnt by Sri Rudra who is being called passionless vairagya. Sri Rudra was attracted by your beautiful Sri Naraynai form Mohani form, women form and fell in love fondness with you.

Though demons churned the milky ocean through mandara mountain there egotism pride sense of pride has not reduced. They were not interested in giving amrutha to demi gods devataas. At that point of time, in order to fulfill the desires of demi gods you have incarnated as women. You have dressed in special cloths, you were shaking your breasts and your sexual look lusty look, vision has shaken the egoistic demons mind.

You have spoiled the desires wishes of demons of not giving amrutha kalasha vessel to demi gods devataas and you took the possession of the same. The same dhanvanthari please do not make us to fall in the bad vision or please protect us from making a sin by seeing bad things.

Sri Saraswathi Devi, one who possess shiksha knowledge and other organs of veda with their meaning and explanations, one who is expert in conducting examinations of good qualities and one who is knowledge based vidya abhimani.

Sri Dakshayani and saxat manifestly Sri Lakshmi devi also associates all the above superior qualities. Although these three devataas are having such qualities, after seeing Sri Hari in the form of Sri Naryani Mohani, women their minds were disturbed. Sri Narayani, you are having special very good knowledge and there is no abnormality vikara and with you at any given point of time and at all times.

The earth is getting beautified by your foot steps where you have pasted gumlac sealing-wax aragu and the superior womens such as Saraswathi, Dakshayani and Sri Lakshmi minds were shaken on seeing your form.

Ishwara Rudra deva who is suppose to be passionless and the one who has killed Manmatha Manmatha is the son of Sri Lakshmi was also disturbed in his mind and fell in love with you Narayani and later felt shy and shame for the above act. Sri Varaha is shining like a black dark clouds full of water in the sky.

He has the quality of sacredness. He is wearing a body which is equal to a huge mountain. Previously, when demon called Adi Hiranyaksha took theft away by his lila bad play the ocean, rivers, mountains and whole earth like a folded mat chapeSri Hari killed destroyed him like a fire igniting to the forest heap of cotton destroying burning by a fraction of a second.

Sri Varaha has used water ocean as his play ground jala kride. When he lifted the earth from his pointed tooth kore halluwith the black portion of the earth and his white pointed tooth were looking like decorated black water-lily naidele flowers. Like many others Lord Narasimha was not born out of any relationship with the parents, he was born out of wall pillar and he may be called pillar son. Lord Narasimha will not excuse any enemies of Vaishnavas Vishnu or he will not pardon enemies of Vaishnavas Vishnu.

He was very much pleased to the prayers of small kid Prahlada, who is the son of Hiranya Kashipu and Lord has blessed him for his devotion. Sri Lakshmi Devi is pleasing praying Sri Narasimha without any interruption. Sri Vadiraja is praying Sri Narasimha to protect him. Because of this they were very egoistic proud by themselves. They also use to do burnt offer yaga through vedas. Bali Chakravarthy also started one such yaga.

|| ಶ್ರೀ ದಶಾವತಾರಸ್ತೋತ್ರಮ್ ||

Vishnu who manifested in the form of Vamana went to Bali who was the leader of the yagna, and seeks him three foots of land earth as donation. Stti seeing this wonderful incident devataas were astonished and bristling, and started praying worshiping Sri Hari in the form of Sri Vamana and Sri Tivikrama.


When Sri Tivikrama took dashavaatara his beautiful foot at the height, for measuring dwshavatara foot nails touched Brahmanda universe resulting in making hole broken and God Ganga river which was there outside the universe started flowing inside the universe through this.

Sri Vadiraja is praying that the same Sri Vamana who has done stufi doing wonderful things, remembering him and saluting to him. Sri Hari who is in the form of Sri Vamana is worthy of praying. Sri Vamana went to Balichakravarthy who has taken the oath of doing yaga burnt offer asked land as donation as a seeker Yachaka, beggar. Sri Vamana sudued tamed, mesmerized other members who are with Balichakravarthy by his secretive and interesting talks.

He was holding umbrella, kamandalu vessel containing water and special stick danda in his hands. Sri Parashurama Deva has got the ocean of courage. At one time when his mother Renuka Devi while bringing water, she was attracted and fell in love with one Gandharva King in her mind. On knowing her adultery vyabhichara mind her husband Sri Jamadagni saint has ordered his youngest son Sri Parashurama to cut off chip off her head.

On hearing his orders and without knowing the cause fault of his mother Sri Parashurama has chipped off her head like axe chipping off the tree. This heroic powerful act is more than equal to the powers of Sun dashavatarx surya samuha. Sri Vadiraja is praying Sri Parashurama to be kind stuuti sympathy towards him to him always.

Sri Ramachandra, you are like roaming garden for parrot like lakshmana. This means that Lakshmana will be pleased feels utmost happy in serving Sri Rama. You are wearing Perl necklace which is as pure in white whitish and very syuti. All Devataas demi gods are praising your fame continuously. Your body is beautiful and charming.

Dashavatara Stuti –

While returning from Mithile mithila after marrying Sita you had a fight difference with Parasurama who is entirely different from you, just to dashavatarz the lila play. You have destroyed ddashavatara desires of demon called Shoorpanaki resulting in loosing her ears and nose after dashavatars fell love with you at first sight.

This has happened when you were roaming in Panchavati with virtuous fibre linen, naru cloth covering your dashavaatara waist portion. Sri Rama has rescued given shelter to Sugriva, who was beaten and thrown out by his elder brother Indra who was in the form of Vali.

Also Sri Rama blessed Sugriva be getting back his kingdom from his brother and destroyed cleared all his miseries. Brahmagyanis those who are having knowledge about vedas, scriptures etc are like peacocks they possess special quality of keeping away their materialistic happiness and having their mind always with Sri Hari. For these Brahmagyanis, Sri Ramachandra will act as clouds with full of water to keep them happy.

Sri Ramachandra is virtous son of Dasharatha who was the king of Ayodhya.

He destroyed one eye of demon called Kakasura and his supporters ie crows, when he tormented hurted Sita refer context. One who controls all organs of the body and the one who is superior leader to Sri Lakshmi Devi, Brahma, Rudra, and all demi Gods. After getting up and after knowing the incidence Sri Rama made virtuous weapon out of grass darbe, kusa grass launched the same to Kakasura.

For all crows, Kuranga was the leader. After this incidence and the result of giving shelter to the demon all crows from then onwards were having only one eye. The powerful mighty Sri Ramachandra is pleasant to the minds of all the people. When great saint Vishwamitra, who acquired heaven and earth by doing penance, invited Sri Rama to the forest he fulfiled his ambition and blessed him by going along with him.

Sri Ramachandra, one who has got pleasant beautiful dark-coloured body, while on his way from the place called Mithale, he faced invitation for war from Parashurama, one who was born in saint family dynasty, vamsha. After the incidence Sita devi weds to Sri Rama. Sri Vadiraja is telling that like this Sri Rama has won all the times at all the places and prays that his mind should always be winning and roaming around with Sri Hari who is in the form of Sri Rama.