Read Forever and a Day by Delilah Marvelle by Delilah Marvelle by Delilah Marvelle for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and. Award Winning Historical Romance Author Erotic Historical Romance Delilah Marvelle. Booklist Online Book Review: Forever and a le, Delilah (author).Jan. p. HQN, paperback, $ ().

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Forever and a Day, by Delilah Marvelle | Booklist Online

Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Forever and a Day by Delilah Marvelle. Roderick Gideon Tremayne, the recently appointed Duke of Wentworth, never expected to find himself in New York City, tracking down a mysterious map important to his late mother. And he certainly never expected to be injured, only to wake up with no memory of who he is.

But when he sees the fiery-haired beauty who’s taken it upon herself to rescue him, suddenly his memory i Roderick Gideon Tremayne, the recently appointed Duke of Wentworth, never expected to find himself in New York City, tracking down a mysterious map important to his late mother. But when he sees the fiery-haired beauty who’s taken it upon herself to rescue him, suddenly his memory is the last thing on his mind.

Rorever Milton, the young head of New York’s notorious Forty Thieves, feels responsible for the man who was trying to save her bag from a thief. But she’s not prepared for the fierce passion he ignites within her. When his memory begins to return, her whole world is threatened, and Roderick must choose between the life he forgot and the life he never knew existed. Mass Market Paperbackpages. To see what your friends thought foreve this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about Forever and a Dayplease sign up. How can i download it? See 1 question about Forever and a Day…. Lists with This Book. I really loved this book! It was original, delightfully funny and wickedly sexy. There was a wonderful array of richly drawn characters and just the right amount of drama and mystery to keep me intrigued. What I loved most about the book: He scanned the stretching width of the dank street. Crampe I really loved this book!

Cramped wooden buildings loomed in the surrounding darkness, murky-yellow lamps lighting broken windows stuffed with dorever and heaven knows what else. Silhouettes of men and women lurked on the streets and hovered in ddlilah. Story Spoiler free – just a few teasers!

Forever and a Day

Silver buttons, Robinson Crusoe, a kiss, a vile little maggot, Forty Thieves, a faded brown leather patch, a coal bin, four and forty dollars, a water pail, a proposal, a newspaper, a waltz, a Duke, status and wealth, memories, duty, a crazy Marvlele Points idea, a promise, a transformation, Miss Tormey, an elephant… Georgia In most romances, the hero takes centre stage but, in FOREVER AND A DAYGeorgia is definitely the star dwlilah the show in my opinion.


I absolutely adore her. I cheered when she gave one of the men helping to lift the injured Roderick some grief Lest I make you bleed. I liked how she was a force to be reckoned with I admired her sheer determination She was naught more than a scrap he took in after finding her asleep in his coal bin, looking like the dirty angel she still is.

Now look at her. Nothing was going to come between her and her man. Georgia will definitely find a place among my favourite heroines. A man who is: Turning toward her, he held out the grouped banknotes between bare fingers. Refusing to watch the woman suffer, he quickly strode past the long line of women, set his pail down beside the pump with a clang and rounded the old woman.

Cradling her moist cheeks with his palms, his thumbs brushed away the tears still rimming her eyes. He tilted her face upward toward him. Roderick really is a hero worthy of Georgia. Those Sexy Moments Ms Marvelle delivers some pretty hot sex scenes and enough sexual chemistry to singe the pages of the book He shoved her back against the wall, making her gasp.

The Epilogue I have to mention how much I loved the Epilogue. So delightful and so amusing as well! My one niggle about the book: But then I read these comments from Ms Marvelle on Goodreads: That means you dekilah more and believe me, there is lots more”. Yes very naughty indeed Ms Marvelle! View all 5 comments.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

delilahmarvelle | Excerpt Forever and a Day

I have no idea what happened to this book during the second half, but whatever it was needs to die in a fire. I know I’m being all President Grump-Ass ad now, but you’d be disappointed too if the first half of a book was compelling and entertaining, only to devolve into a hurried-up plot mess with more loose ends than those ladies in the Bachelor house. Forever and a Day concluded with such a non-ending that I’m not even sure it meets narrative standards.

I want to punch the second half of th I have no idea what happened to this book during the second half, but whatever it was needs to die in a fire.

I want to punch the second half of the book in the face SO BAD right now because my cold, nearly dead heart was actually enjoying itself until the bottom fell out from under the story. Let’s get to this, shall we? Roderick chases after a kid who lifts Georgia’s purse and ends up getting pummeled by an omnibus. When he wakes up, he has no idea who he is.

All he remembers are the numerous books he’s read, and of course, how to be a gentleman. Roderick’s mind is so totally freaked that he thinks his name is Robinson Crusoe, which he goes by Hilariously, no one in the book seems to understand what “memory loss” means, leading to several awkward conversations of Georgia saying, “He’s actin’ funny in the head ’cause he can’t remember anything.


Georgia was born and raised in New York, but Marvelle makes a point of talking about how Irish she is. So when you think of Georgia, you get the image of this: In absolutely no time, they’re licking each other’s tonsils and for-real humping in a public hallway.

That’s how true love works. But the age-old question eventually rears its ugly head. As Roderick’s memories slowly come back to him, he’s torn between duty and his love for Georgia. Will they cross that great ocean together, or will Georgia end up alone and desperate, just one more victim of Robinson Crusoe? I really enjoyed Georgia’s character. She’s practical, kind, and doesn’t pout about her circumstances.

Georgia is the straight-man in her relationship with Robinson. He keeps pledging his undying love and vowing to run away with her all within the confines of his memory lossand she keeps saying, “Oy, boy-o, you’ll be forgettin’ me the moment your memories come back.

Now don’t be pinin’ after a dream! Robinson’s cool, too, in the beginning. He has a child-like innocence and a strong sense of honor. It was fun reading about him seeing the world through wide new eyes instead of the jaded perspective of a London gentleman.

But then Roderick’s memories come crashing back, and the book stutters and dies. We’re gifted with 2 whole chapters dedicated to the story of Roderick’s life before he meets Georgia. It’s boring and tedious, and his emotional hang-ups aren’t given any credibility. He did sleep with his late brother’s fiance ONCE and then ran away to Paris when she wouldn’t marry him. And his mom died at some point. Roderick decides that the heir to a dukedom can’t take a scrawny girl from the streets of NYC back to London with him, so he decides to break it off.

However, he whines and pisses and moans about how much it hurts and how much he loves Georgia until I seriously wanted forevrr reach into the book and smack the angst out of him. Roderick’s dad, the Duke, starts to play a prominent role in the book. He’s in NYC with Roderick to track down his late wife’s brother who was somehow disappeared by Roderick’s grampy.

None of this is given much context. Anyways, the duke tells Roderick that he can’t take Georgia to England with him because he’ll ruin the dwy life.

Because people in London are really damn mean. Georgia hatches a plan to stay with Roderick in England. He comes to her to break things off, and she’s like, “Shut your mouth right now, boy-o! You just sit on your arse and let me be explainin’ things. I’m goin’ to hatch a Master Plan to turn me into lady, and then we’ll meet marfelle.