View and Download Philips DVDRH/37 manual online. HDD & DVD PLAYER / RECORDER WITH DIGITAL TUNER. DVDRH/37 DVD Recorder pdf. Philips DVDRH Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Philips DVDRH Manual. Manuals and User Guides for Philips DVDRH/ We have 2 Philips DVDRH/37 manuals available for free PDF download: Manual, Quick Start.

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Register your product and get support at www. Complete and return your Product Registration Card at once, or register online at www. Do not use this apparatus near water. Clean only with a dry cloth. Do not block any of the ventilation openings. Install in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. Congratulations on your purchase, and welcome to Philips! To fully benefit from the support that Philips offers, register your product at www.

Read this user manual carefully to learn how to use the features described in this manual. Our representatives will be happy to assist you. For online reference, please visit our web site at http: The following features are offered with this unit. Compatibility Available for playing back discs on a regular DVD player: Disc tray Place a disc when opening the disc tray.

Appears in the afternoon with the clock display. Appears when the channel is in DTV mode. Appears when indicating a chapter number. Disconnect the power cord of your TV from the AC outlet. Disconnect RF coaxial cable from antenna input jack of your TV. In this case, follow the instructions below.

: Philips DVDRH DVD Recorder with GB Hard Disc and Built-In Tuner: Electronics

The output mode changes as follows every time [HDMI] is pressed. This unit uses the following on-screen displays and menus to guide you to the easy operations. The menus allow you to change the various kinds of settings for playing back, recording, or editing to suite your preference.

Adding channel is only available for the analog TV channels. This section describes how to switch the TV audio. When you record a TV program, only the audio selected here will be recorded. amnual

Closed Caption Style Digital TV can also change the style manyal its closed caption such as font, color or size, etc. If you are recording to a disc, press [DVD] first. Dvdrr3576h a recordable disc refer to page 25 on how to insert a disc. Daily or weekly program recordings are also available. For other channelsthe channel will be decided as soon as you enter the channel number. Overwriting from the Beginning of the Title You can overwrite the existing title from the beginning.


Make sure that the TV input is set on the unit. It takes a while to display the title list. Hints for Overwriting When you overwrite on the unnecessary title, there were various circumstances such as follows.

Please manuaal that following cases only describe the overwriting without any recording mode discrepancy.

Philips DVDR3576H Manuals

To avoid accidental deletion please check if there is no important title after the overwriting point. When overwriting title is shorter than the existing title: Before you start dubbing, refer to page 38 to see the recording compatibility. Recording from an External Device Before recording from an external device, refer to the instructions for the connection on page The dubbing will start.

Repeat steps mamual to 5 until you register all the titles dvdr3576 be dubbed. Finalizing may take several minutes up to an hour.

A shorter recording period on the disc ddr3576h require a longer time period for finalization. You can use this function to finalize discs after finishing all timer recordings and at the end of the disc space.

Hard disk/DVD recorder

Playable Discs and Files This manua is compatible to play back the following discs. To play back a DVD, make sure that it mxnual the requirements for region codes and color systems as described below. This unit conforms to ver. Insert a playable disc dgdr3576h to page 25 on how to insert a disc. Refer to page 62 for the list of compatible discs. It may take a while to load the disc. It is recommended that files to be played back in this unit are recorded under the following specifications: The resume message will appear.

In a few seconds, playback will resume from the point at which it stopped last. Playback will be paused and sound will be muted. Playback will advance one frame or step at a time when you press [NEXT ] with the sound muted. To play back step by step backward: Press [PREV ] repeatedly. Repeat Playback Available repeat function may vary depending the discs. Program Playback You can program the disc to play back in your desired order.

The title or chapter will move forward by one at a time. To move to the number next to When time search evdr3576h not available, counter are not displayed.

Switching Subtitles DVD-video may have subtitles in 1 or more languages. Available subtitle languages can be found on the disc case. You can choose a title to play back from this list and easily edit the titles as you prefer. Deleting a Title You can delete a title which you do not need anymore. Please be mahual that the title once deleted cannot be brought back. Deleting Selected Titles Manuak can delete titles which you do not need anymore. Please be advised mamual the titles once deleted cannot be brought back.


Putting Names on Titles You can put title names on the titles and change the names from this menu. Chapter Marks Add You can put chapter marks in each title.

Once a chapter dver3576h marked, you can use it for the chapter search feature. Dividing a Title You can divide one title into 2 new titles. Deleting a Scene of a Title You can delete a specific part of a title. Before and after 5 seconds of the deleted scene can be previewed every time you press [OK]. Hiding Chapters You can hide chapters from the title list. Hidden chapters are skipped during playback. Setting an Index Picture You can set your desired scene as an index picture for each title.

Putting Name on Disc You can put a name nanual the disc and change it from this menu.

Erasing Disc You can erase all titles on a disc. Refer to the following table for useful operation. Playback will stop if the ratings exceed the levels you set, it will require you to enter a password before the disc will playback.

This feature prevents your children from viewing inappropriate material. It will dvdr5376h affect a disc playback. OFF Set the subtitle language. English Set the language for the on-screen display.

OFF This unit is compatible with the progressive scan system. The feature provides you with the higher definition images than the traditional output system does. Reset All Reset dvdt3576h setting to default. Some simple checks or a minor adjustment on your part may eliminate the problem and restore proper operation.

Symptom The power does not turn on. Certain functions of the DVC cannot operate. DV audio signal cannot be switched. No image from HDMI connection. TV channels cannot be changed. Only specific channels do not appear. The external input channels such as E1, E2 or E3 cannot be skipped.

The image from the external device cannot be displayed or recorded. TV aspect ratio does not match your TV screen.