Place your order for Gladiator Body Workout and start combining bodyweight and dumbbell exercises for Of A Modern Day Gladiator! Coach Eddie Lomax. Gladiator Body WorkoutAs you can see, BOTH bodyweight exercise and dumbbell exercise are excellent choices for reaching your fitness, fat loss and physique. Here are 10 really quick and intense bodyweight training methods beginners an interview with the creator of Gladiator Body Workout, Coach Eddie Lomax.

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You can train whenever and wherever you want, you don’t gladiatof any You get everything in just a few short minutes after placing your order! Start off low, such as 5 reps for the first set.

Choose bodyweight exercises, and perform repetitions of each in the style. But there is a “best” workout for YOU and your current short term goals.

I want to order the Gladiator Body Workout Combo Pack and get instant access to this worlout dumbbell training plans. Gladiator Body Workout will help you achieve all these goals. This site, owners and employees accept no responsibility for injury or damage arising from the use or misuse of the information provided.

After all… your success should be documented! When you train your body eddir move using bodyweight calisthenics and dumbbell exercises, your training RESULTS in a strong, lean, athletic body worthy of a modern day Gladiator. It is the best, fastest, and easiest way to build your muscles, get rid of unwanted fat, and get a body that performs one hundred percent.

It is generally you against the clock inside the race wofkout find qorkout just how long you are able to keep going or, in case you are able to keep going at all. Using his years of experience and knowledge in the field, he put together a program that trained the entire body simultaneously.


Tabata So, returning back to the concept of Intervals, one of the best interval schemes out there is known as Tabata.

Gladiator Body Workout | Gladiator Body Workout

Who said intervals are only for cardio. It combines body weight exercises and dumbbell exercises into an effective fitness program that will help you develop the body of a modern day gladiator. Unless you go off of an enroll in a group of actors that do Gladiator training for a living, there is an extremely little possibility that you will actually have your hands on a trident and dagger.

But by providing both, you can use one to improve performance, appearance and health AND then transition into the workouts that set you apart from the rest! Nevertheless, we do lift and also carry things on a consistent schedule. Not only does bodyweight exercises improve your ability to move your own bodyweight… but builds a strong base from which ALL your training can flourish!

An Athletic Body Workout For Men and Women – Interview With Coach Eddie Lomax Gladiator Workout For

You switch workouts regularly, but stay on the path of improvement! Workout Utterly Nasty Interval Training. You have unlimited access to the gym you were born with! The first roll of the dice glaadiator determine my training method.

If you and I were to meet, or I was training you in person, these are the truths I would drill into your head.

Supersets Supersets are where you choose two exercises and perform them back to back with little to no rest in between sets. Use ONLY your bodyweight to get fit, burn fat and build an athletic physique. By the way, I didn’t create these truths I think you can understand why I got so enthusiastic when putting these ecdie exercise and calisthenics programs together.


Modern Day Gladiator Workouts

And there are no two exercise methods better suited for training your body how to MOVE without added weight and with added workoutt than bodyweight and dumbbell exercises. In this program, all the exercises are chosen for you and you progress by going from one type of workout and major goal to the next.

How to get abs is no longer a mystery. Home Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions. Coach Eddie has been an active lommax to the fitness community since For example, clubs can be decline pushups, spades can by jumping pullupshearts can be parallel squats, and diamonds can be butterfly crunch.

10 Intense Beginner Body-Weight Training Methods to Help You Workout Anywhere | Fit Anywhere Gym

Along with regular physical education, they were also instructed how to work with different weapons like the war chain, dagger, trident, net, and lasso. The Dice Method is the only tool you need to create some fast, intense bodyweight training workouts.

Fitness is the acceptable and deliberate compromise of competence and ability to perform in all the areas of cardiorespiratory endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy and toughness to produce optimum performance results under the greatest amount of circumstances.