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On November 18, , following the election of George H.W. Bush as president, . Ronald Reagan issued Executive Order No. , entitled “Assignment of. During the funding lapse, is not being supported. If data feeds are not available from GPO, will not be. Executive Order of March 16, .. , and sections (3)-(4) of Executive Order of November 18, , are revoked.

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Blacklisted News January 16, Clearly designed to weaken the Posse Comitatus Act of which bars the use of the military for civilian law enforcement, EO is the latest in a series of maneuvers by previous administrations to wrest control of armed forces historically under the democratic control of elected state officials, and a modicum of public accountability.

Executive Order Assignment of Emergency Preparedness Responsibilities

Bush demanded that then Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco sign over control of the Guard as well as state and local police units as the blood price for federal assistance. Fast forward five years. Will such a Council have veto power over administration deliberations?


In other words, right from the 122656, the Council will serve as civilian cover for political decisions made by the Executive Branch and the security apparat.

According to their August letter to Paul N. With slim prospects of congressional authorization for the scheme, in fact the language 1266 removed from subsequent Defense spending legislation, other means were required.

Playing bureaucratic hardball with the governors, this has now been accomplished by presidential fiat, further eroding clear constitutional limits on Executive Branch power.

These maneuvers as I have previously writtenhave very little to do 126556 responding to a catastrophic emergency.

In a new twist on administration promises of transparency and open government, even the redacted version of these documents have been removed from the White House web site. As Antifascist Calling previously reported see: A Cover for Illegal Domestic Operations? Among other things, the document outlines the serious domestic implications of military participation in national emergency preparedness drills.

Such murky definitions cover a lot of ground and are ripe with a potential for abuse by unscrupulous securocrats and their corporate partners. If members of the Homeland Security Committee cannot enforce their right to read secret plans ep the Executive Branch, then the systems of checks and balances established by the U.


Constitution would seem to be failing. One hammer blow followed another. Rather, the domestic mobilization of the armed forces is a response by the US ruling establishment to the growing threat to political stability.

With unemployment at a post-war high and the perilous economic and social conditions of the working class growing grimmer by the day, EO is a practical demonstration of ruling class consensus when it comes to undermining the 1256 rights of the American people.

After all, where the defense of wealth and privileges are concerned corporate thugs and war criminals have no friends, only interests….

EO Assignment of Emergency Preparedness Responsibilities | WBDG – Whole Building Design Guide

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