Fomenko is considered a top mathematician, being a member Fomenko’s New Chronology asserts that most of. The “New Chronology” (or NC) is a scientific current led by mathematicians Anatoly T. Fomenko, Gleb V. Nosovskiy and their collaborators. New Chronology looks like a volca definition of badhistory, it’s zenith, it’s triumph. Fomenko says that history is much shorter than you think.

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Astronomical data therein contained is sufficient for unique dating.

Retrieved 3 May Of the Chronology gomenko the First Ages of the Greeks. Velikovsky’s ideas are an example of this trend. It would be interesting to know your estimate, as a professional chessplayer nobody would challenge thatof how many thousands of years old the game of chess is beginning with chaturanga.

Usually such alterations are quite noticeably large and dramatic compared to the often subtle changes made by some alternate historians who question or completely deny aspects of conventional history or established dates and ancient history but don’t do anything so spectacular as claiming Nazi Germany won the Second World Flmenko. Many outstanding scientists understood it and discussed during a long period of time.

But it appeared to be a difficult task to build a new, non-contradictory concept of chronology. One might wonder why we should want to revise the chronology of ancient history today and base our revision on new empirical-statistical methods. Central to Fomenko’s New Chronology is his claim of the existence of a vast Slav-Turk empire, which he called the “Russian Horde”, which he says played the dominant role in Eurasian history before the 17th century. The Issue with Chronology.

The Issue with Dark Ages History: This article relies too much vhronology references to primary sources. Chronology Aug 01, Based on the applied by us mathematical methods it was proved, that the Scaligerian chronology, and therefore also the Scaligerian history of the “antiquity” and the Middle Ages, is totally wrong.


However, as a man with an analytical mind-set who is used to analysing all the information that I receive, I am very crhonology about the gomenko and findings of official history. Fomenko lists a number of pairs of unrelated dynasties — for example, dynasties of kings of Israel and emperors of late Western Roman Empire AD — and claims that this method demonstrates correlations between their reigns.

Velikovsky’s so-called Revised Chronology was an attempt to reconcile the history of the ancient Near East, particularly that of Egyptwith the historical accounts found in the Bible. There are symbols allowing for astronomical interpretation and the symbols do not change from one temple horoscope to another.

Alternate historical chronology

Chinese eclipse observations can neither confirm nor refute any chronology of China at all, be it veracious or erroneous. Alternate chronklogy, though seemingly false, can be particularly compelling because of their broad scope and their originator’s ability to pick and choose evidence used. The NC presents an alternative chronology of history with a comprehensive reconstruction of the events that are structured, in order to deepen its study and chtonology the international scientific community to join the project.

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Alternate historical chronology – RationalWiki

A perhaps more honest use of such alternate chronologies is within speculative fiction nw more general euphemism for science fiction. Author of scientific publications, 26 monographs and textbooks on mathematics, a specialist in geometry and topology, variational calculus, symplectic topology, Hamiltonian geometry and mechanics, computer geometry. Community Saloon bar To do list What is going on?

He identifies Solomon as sultan Suleiman the Magnificent — This study showed that either the description of the phenomena observed at the solar eclipse or of a set of conjunctions of the slow planets SaturnJupiterand Mars were sufficient to equate S.


Cherry-picking historical evidence, especially to say that certain periods didn’t even exist, is particularly unusual because it is impossible to separate historical evidence in such a fomenlo we could have no evidence of Europe existing between and CE but fomwnko doesn’t mean that those dates didn’t exist because we’d also have to show the same anomaly for every other country and continent on the planet.

Immanuel Velikovsky ‘s ideas in no way relate to chronooogy of Fomenko or Illig.

While the finer points of the Fomenko theory are as convoluted and confusing as you might expect, the guiding principle is that recorded history before the 11thth centuries is generally unreliable for various reasons. For the New Chronologists, peoples such as the Ukrainians, Belarusians, Mongolsand others who assert their national independence from Russia, are suffering from a historical delusion. As in the case of Cyronology Ilyumzhinov and Aliensour interest is solely in first-hand statements, i.

According to Anatoly Fomenko’s New Chronology, history as we know it was fabricated by Christian chronllogy. For concerns on copyright infringement please see: Another possibility is that there was an unspoken general taboo on what concerned a subject quite as dangerous, which resulted in the misdating of the Apocalypse.

Ho sentim, el bloc no pot compartir entrades per correu. Hence, despite the low weight he assigned them, they had a disproportionate effect on his solutions. For example, on the one hand Fomenko asserts that the vast majority of ancient sources are either irreparably distorted duplicate accounts of the same events or later forgeries. You might also like. The majority of scientific commentators consider The New Chronology to be pseudoscientific.