FUNDAMENTOS DE INGENIERIA ECONOMICA (Spanish Edition) [PARK CLARK] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. FUNDAMENTOS DE. Instructor’s Manual FUNDAMENTALS OF ENGINEERING ECONOMICS, Second Edition Chan S. Park Auburn University Instructor Solutions. [Chan S. Park] Fundamentals of Engineering Economi() – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Fundamentos de Ingenieria Economica, 2da Edicion

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Fundamentos de ingenieria economica chan s. Published on May View 3. Park La ingeniera econmica es una de las materias de estudio ms prcticas en el currculum de ingeniera, as como una disciplina desaante y en continuo movimiento. En cada nueva edicin de esta obra se reejan los cambios ocurridos en el mundo de los negocios.

Este texto tiene como objetivo: La integracin del uso de la computadora es otra caracterstica importante de Fundamentos de ingeniera econmica.

Los alumnos pueden tener un mayor acceso y sentirse familiarizados con las diversas herramientas de hojas de clculo.

Facilitar una amplia comprensin de las bases tericas y conceptuales sobre las cuales se fundamenta el anlisis de los proyectos nancieros. Satisfacer las necesidades ms prcticas fundamentps ingeniero para as tomar decisiones nancieras informadas, a la hora de actuar como miembro de un equipo o como el administrador de un proyecto de ingeniera.

Incorporar todas las herramientas crticas para la toma de decisiones, incluyendo las ms contemporneas, como las herramientas computacionales. Interesar a las otras disciplinas de ingeniera para las que se requiere este curso: This material is protected by Copyright and written permission should be obtained from the publisher fundaments to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrieval system, or transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or likewise.

Preface This Instructor’s Manual to Fundamentals of Engineering Economics, 2nd edition contains exonomica solutions to all the end-of-chapter problems except some open-ended case problems. The problem solutions follow topical headings listed in the main text to indicate the generic content of each problem.

The headings are provided to aid you in selecting your preferred mix of problem types for homework assignments. Companion Book Website Two important resources are available from the books companion website under Instructor Recourse Center at http: Instructor Manual Each end-of-chapter problems can be downloaded from this website.

Each chapter solutions come in two file formats: If you have not installed this MathType on your PC, some of the characters may not be displaced correctly. If that is the case, just open the PDF version the file. A comprehensive set of lecture notes in PowerPoint format is also available to instructors who adopt the text. Solutions Provided in Excel Worksheet Fundamentals of Engineering Economics contains nearly problems including 41 short-case assignment problems.

Many of them come with multiple-part questions, bringing the total number of questions to nearly Many of the Excel worksheets in WORD files appear as Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object, so just place the cursor over the worksheet area and double-click will convert them into live Excel worksheet. This will allow you to modify the solution and answer many what-if questions.

Some Deviations in Answers Your independent solutions to the text problems may yield answers slightly different from mine due to rounding differences. In some cases, the interpretations and assumptions students bring to the problems may differ from my own in creating them, again resulting in different answers.


Some of the answers not the procedures to the end-of-chapter problems are posted in the book’s companion website, so that students can check the answers on their own.

Having made these disclaimers, I wish to emphasize that it is my and the publisher’s intention to provide the most accurate solutions possible. Thus, if you discover any typo errors, or disagree strongly with the interpretation and assumptions required of a particular solution, please do not hesitate to report your concerns to me via email at park eng.

I will also plan on posting any errors on the book’s web site under “Instructor Resource Center. Chapter 1 Engineering Economic Decisions There are no end-of-chapter questions in this introductory chapter.

However, the following questions could be added as a part of instruction: Ask students to review the contents of The Wall Street Journal for the past 3 months. Then, identify and categorize the types of investment decisions appeared in the journal according to the types of strategic economics decisions discussed in the text. Work in small groups and brainstorm ideas about how a common appliance, device or tool could be redesigned to improve it in some way.

Identify the steps involved and the economic factors, which you would need to consider prior to making a decision to manufacture the redesigned product. A detailed design and actual cost estimates are not required. Some items, which could be considered for this redesign exercise, are: What is the price of today?

Why are these prices so difficult to predict? Imagine what the consequences would be if you used these optimistic estimates in your economic analysis in your early project undertaking. What would be some practical ways to consider this type of variation in economic analysis?

Time Value of Money 2. Therefore, the annual revenue can be expressed as follows: Chapter 3 Understanding Money Management 3. Referring A to his quarterly deposit amount, we obtain the following: We first need to find the effective interest rate per payment period month30 days per month: First, find the remaining balance at the end of 60 months: With equal balances, all will pay the same interest.

To find the effective interest rate for this new transaction, we set up the following equivalence relationship and solve for i: However, reasoning this line neglects the time value of money for the portion of principal payments.

This is fundamentoos by calculating the equivalent future worth of the loan payment series. With Excel, you may enter the loan payment series and use the IRR range, guess function to find the effective interest rate.

Conventional mortgage using parkk Excel or Loan Analysis Program at the books websitehttp: Chapter 4 Equivalence Calculations under Inflation 4. If you use the Rule of 72, you may find 72 Since the annuity payments are made in actual dollars, we use the market interest rate to find its equivalent lump sum amount in todays dollars.

As an alternative way of finding the equivalent cash flows in actual dollars, we may use the compound growth rate geometric growth and inflation: The 16th interest payment 8th year in constant dollars: Since the first withdrawal is made after 6 cha from retirement, it is necessary to calculate the effective inflation rate per half-year. On a semiannual basis, the first withdrawal will be made after 41 semiannual periods. Then, we can calculate the equivalent amount of this first withdrawal in actual dollars as follows: To find the required equal monthly deposit amount A fundamenntos, we establish the following equivalence relationship: As shown in the following table, it will cost almost eight 7.


That is, 27 7. One of the options is to consider opening a mutual fund account and make regular contribution, say monthly, until the child reaches Then, we may be able to funsamentos the required monthly contribution C as follows: Now to compare two mutually exclusive bond investment alternatives, we need to perform an incremental analysis.

Fundamentos De Ingenieria Economica – Chan S. Park.pdf

Municipal bond is a clear choice for any value of MARR. In this case, it may be easier to use the constant dollar analysis, as we dont need to project the future price increase of the subscription, assuming that the price of magazine will follow the general inflation rate. Then, we need to determine which interest rate to use in evaluating the three different subscription options. Certainly the choice will change depending upon the individual decision-makers true earrings requirement.

If we take a finite planning horizon, say 6-year, the subscription cost for each option would be as follows: Determine the average inflation rate for tuition and fees: In other words, if you cannot invest your money at higher than 8.

Chapter 5 Present-Worth Analysis 5. The cost of building is given as if Cmax is padk built from scratch.

No credit is given for the capacity already in place. This assumption could be rather unrealistic. In that case, what we need to do is to identify the incremental cost of adding the additional capacity above the existing capacity. However, if the project is aprk, we ingrnieria say 4 years, because that is when the project truly is financially in the clear. This cost should be viewed as an investment required undertaking the project. X axis-interest rate, Y axis-PW i 5.

We further assume that the required service period will be indefinite. Power bill is paid at years end, not monthly. Motor B is preferred.

Fundamentos De Ingenieria Economica – Chan S. – Documents

Purchase Model A now and repeat Model A forever. Purchase Model B now and replace it at the end of year 2 by Model A. Then repeat Model A forever. Process device A lasts only 4 years.

You have a required service period of 6 years. If you take this option, you must consider how you will satisfy the rest of the required service period at the end of the project life. This option creates no problem because its service life coincides with the required service period. Chapter 6 Annual Equivalence Method 6. Pay employee per mile: Provide a car to loyee: The minimum processing fee per 1b should be higher on a before-tax basis.

Operating and maintenance cost: