George (Gogu) Constantinescu (October 4, – December 11, ) was a Romanian scientist and engineer, often considered to be one of. Abstract: George (Gogu) Constantinescu (October 4, – December 11,. ) was a Romanian scientist and engineer, often considered to. Gogu Constantinescu had innovative ideas in the field of reinforced concrete and of the mathematical machinery. His technical work includes construction after.

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George “Gogu” Constantinescu Romanian pronunciation: During his career, he registered over inventions. He is the creator of the theory of sonicsa new branch of continuum mechanicsin which he described the transmission of mechanical energy through vibrations. Born in Craiova in “the Doctor’s House” near the Mihai Bravu Gardens, he was influenced by his father George, born contantinescu a professor of mathematics and engineering science, specialized in mathematics at the Sorbonne University.

He was an honorary member of the Romanian Academy. The couple moved to Wembley and, after their son Ian was born, they moved to Weybridge.


Theory of sonics – Wikipedia

Eva had two children, Richard and Michael, by a previous marriage. His hydraulic machine gun synchronization gear allowed airplane-mounted guns to shoot between the spinning blades of the constantineacu.

The Constantinesco synchronization gear or “CC” gear was first used operationally on the D. Inhe published the book A treatise on transmission of power by vibrations [4] in which he described his Theory of sonics.

The theory is applicable to various constzntinescu of power transmission but has mostly been applied to hydraulic systems. Sonics differs from hydrostaticsbeing based on waves, rather than pressure, in the liquid.

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Constantinescu argued that, contrary to popular belief, liquids are compressible. He had several patents for improvements to carburetorsfor example US He invented constantimescu mechanical torque converter actuated by a pendulum.

It was also tried on rail vehicles. A hp petrol engined locomotive with a Constantinescu torque converter was exhibited at the Wembley Exhibition.

The system was not adopted on British railways but it was applied to some railcars on the Romanian State Railways. Other inventions included a “railway motor wagon”. The latter ran on normal flanged steel wheels but the drive used a road vehicle powertrain with rubber tyres pressed against the rails. This is similar to the system constantinescy on many modern road-rail vehicles.


George Constantinescu – Wikipedia

The date of the paper is believed to be 5 October From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Oxen House, ConistonUnited Kingdom. Archived from the original on 20 March Retrieved 23 July Retrieved 24 July Archived from the original on 4 November A Treatise on Transmission of Power by Vibrations. The Admiralty, Fonstantinescu, Retrieved 25 July Inertial Transmission US Patent etc “. Archived from the original on 1 April Archived from the original on 27 July Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View history.

George Constantinescu

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Constantinescu on a Romanian stamp. Wikimedia Commons has media related to George Constantinescu.