Demircioğlu, Halil, Roma Tarihi, Türk Tar – Yayınlarından XIII Seri. No Dünya Tarn, Ankara,. Ekmeleddin, İhsanoğlu, Feridun Emecen, Kemal Beydilli, vd . Menşe’lerden Akdeniz havzasında hâkimiyet kurulmasına kadar / Halil Demircioğlu. 3. baskı. Format: Book Roma Tarihi ; 1. Cilt, 1. Kisim. Halil Demircioğlu, Roma Tarihi I, Ankara, Edward Gibbon, Roma İmparatorluğu’nun Gerileyiş ve Çöküş Tarihi, c. I-III, çev. A. Baltacıgil, İstanbul.

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Z Course Coordinator Instructor s Assoc. Gain competence on the nature of literature and its basic terms.

Defend the importance of scientific knowledge. Evaluate the validity and reliability of information sources.

Define the contemporary research methods of the field. Have the basic knowledge on the examples of World and Turkish History from prototypes to contemporary ones. Follow the sources of the works on Turkish History and Literature according to the countries and the ecoles in means of written, script and nominal education environments.

Use the resources related to the History tariho. Attract the students attention to the nature of science. Use a student-centered and learning focused approach in their classes. Develop appropriate instructional strategies taking into account individual differences of the students. Offer solutions to the matters related to literature relying on researches and proposals.


Uluslararası İlişkiler Okuma Listesi

Evaluate the datas with the demircioolu of acquisition skills and present them orally and in written. Apply academic and professional skills to the associated works cooperated with other fields of human sciences.

Apply the contemporary research methods to History literature. Perform a work on literature independently. Take responsibilities both individually and as a part of a team in a research, a project or a practice related to literature Plan and organise cultural and social activities on literature. Have the competence of a leadership that need to carry out a team work. Use academic methods and sense of arts to review and analyze texts and oral works effectively.

Evaluate the acquired knowledge and skills on Literature critically. Plan and manage the process of learning. Participate in artistic and cultural activities. Be open to cooperation with the triangle of student-family-school communities.

Uluslararası İlişkiler Okuma Listesi – TUİÇ Akademi

Follow the developments in the field of using a foreign language. Acquaint various groups of listeners with literature orally and in written. Have the ability to represent the History literature.


Draw a profile which is democratic, respectful to human rights and social, scientific and professional ethical values. Use Turkish in an accurate, eloquent and effective way. Gain competence of a researcher who is innovative and open to new ideas. In all studies of the field be attentive to academic, social, cultural and ethical values.

Become skillful at activity organising. Asess the geography of the region with philological and archaeological data. Introduce geographical division hakil the Near-East and Anatolia’s first demirciklu, place names, local communities, major cities, states and empires in chronological order along with geographical and historical process. Introduce the position of the government, civilization and major residential, stratigraphy, architecture, ruins, burial traditions.