Harry Thuku’s last will reveals man with few possessions. Kamau Muthoni; Posted on: 21st May Harry Thuku When Harry Thuku died nearly five decades. Harry Thuku, one of the pioneers of African nationalism in Kenya, was born in the Kambui region of the British colony in In , the Gospel Missionary. Harry Thuku (), Kenyan politician, was one of the pioneers in the development of modern African nationalism in Kenya. Harry Thuku was born in the.

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We welcome your suggestions. It unclear, therefore, how seriously his denunciation would have been taken. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Kenyan Africans were suffering economic difficulties, and the Europeans who were now in control of vast swathes of the local economy wanted to further cut Native African wages on the pretext of reviving the colony’s economic position.

Harry Thuku Biography, Education Background, Political History

He afterwards removed himself from Kenyan politics. The East African Association declined to participate in the political process, but those co-opted individuals and a host more who were interested in classical African political rights remained actively engaged.

Harry Thuku went on to become a founder of the East Hwrry Associationnow a bigger and more representative African organization. The Times Saturday, 18 Marchp. This underlying approach of moderation in political struggle caused a permanent split between Thuku and the rising generation of the future leaders of Kenya. Seattle and the Nation The Commanders: It became Nairobi’s first modern political organization. Indiana University Press, ; http: He died on 14 June This page was last edited on 11 Decemberat Harry Thuku spent 4 years at hafry school of the Kambui Gospel Mission, and thu,u he received a 2-year prison sentence for forging a check.


He later retired to a successful life in business in KabeteCentral province, Kenya. Twenty-one people died in the attack.

Thuku’s political and economic vision for the native African is widely credited as an important underlying common theme that was adopted and greatly characterised the greater African struggle for economic and political independence.

Although dissension arose among the loyalists and the co-opted leaders of the association, which was fomented by the colonial powers of the day.

His message reverberated strongly not thuuku within his immediate Kikuyu tribe but also with other farming communities in Kenya and Africa. Harry Thuku’s ideals and approach went on to inform the larger struggle for political and economic independence that took Africa like wild-fire from the late s to ’60s. Retrieved 11 December Thuku’s apparent premise was false: Thuku was born in Kambui in Kiambu district of Central Kenya.

Harry Thuku’s last will reveals man with few possessions

He founded The Young Kikuyu Association, a non-militant group that pursued a peaceful and structured liberation struggle with the government and missions. After serving his two-year prison term, Thuku was employed at the Leadera colonial newspaper, when he became interested in local and national political affairs.

Harry Thuku went on to re-assemble the loyal remnants of the East African Association, which was renamed the Kikuyu Provincial Associationdevoted to legal, non-militant protest. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Languages Deutsch Edit links. The then colonial Kenyan government was heavily opposed to the association’s aims, for good reason. Inhe stepped down from his position at the Kikuyu Association. Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer. After independence, Harry Thuku Road in Nairobi was named for him.

Harry Thuku – Wikipedia

However, he was more interested in action-oriented measures to address the rising economic challenges facing Kenyan Africans, realizing that the organisation was becoming heavily political and thus ill-equipped to achieve the association’s original objectives of economic emancipation. At the time, he was involved in the formation of the first African organisation to defend African interests in a Kenya that was dominated by European rule.


Thuku played an important role in the evolution of African nationalism within his country. This event was met by an extensive African protest that resulted in a demonstration culminating in violence. Thuku was released and exiled to Northern Kenya from to Despite his earlier anti-colonial stance, the constitution of the KPA pledged loyalty to the British and supported colonial policies.

The United States BlackPast. Harry Thuku remained in their thoughts as a primary leader.

Since this removed them from their families, and exposed them to assault, it was deeply unpopular. This article includes a list of referencesbut its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations.

He argued that land was an important factor of production and that the livelihood of the Kikuyu people, who are primarily farmers, risked being lost.

Retrieved 1 November Kenyan women gave him the name Munene wa Nyacing’aor chief of the women. He argued that land was an important factor of production and hqrry the livelihood of the Kikuyu people, who are primarily farmers, risked being lost. Inhe stepped down from his position at htuku Kikuyu Association. Retrieved from ” https: During his absence, the government of the day moved quickly by attempting to co-opt narry leadership of the association with monetary inducements and piece-meal reforms to appease the native.

This event was met by an extensive African protest that resulted in a demonstration, initiated by Mary Muthoni Nyanjiruculminating in violence.