Find Downloads, Manuals, Tutorials, FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), Tips How to’s, Firmware, Drivers, Software, Problem Solving about HDR-FX Hdr-fx, Operating guide, Digital hd video camera recorder • Read online or download PDF • Sony HDR-FX User Manual. Hdr-fx • Read online or download PDF • Sony HDR-FX User Manual.

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To reduce fire or shock hazard, do not expose the unit to rain or moisture. Servicing is required when the apparatus has been damaged in any way, such as power-supply cord or plug is damaged, liquid has been spilled or objects have fallen into the apparatus, the apparatus has hhdr-fx1000 exposed to rain or moisture, does not operate normally, or has been dropped. Class B digital provided below. Hdr-fs1000 the t erminals into your sunorstrong lightsource forextended camcorder’s jacks may d amage them or periods.

Check the contents manul tapes by playing them back on this camcorder prior playing them back on other devices. Trying out the new HDV format!

Features of this camcorder Handy Functions for Recording Viewing video recorded in the HDV format! Changing the screen Displaying recording data Data code Displaying the settings in your camcorder Status check Checking the remaining battery Battery ]nfo Locating a scene on a tape Warning indicators and messages Using your camcorder abroad About the “Memory Stick” About handling of your camcorder Being HDV format compliant, your camcorder is ready to shoot crystal clear, high-definition images, tm: Superb spectroscopic characteristics and high definition are achieved by the use of three ClearVid CMOS sensors developed by Sony for high definition, enabling reproduction of digital high definition with excellent sensitivity and color reproducibility.

HandyFunctionsfor Recording You call record 1. Moving subjects call be shot ill smooth moving slow-motion. Two settings profiles, including brightness, color, etc. This enables you to use saved settings data manula quickly Viewingvideo recordedin the HDVformat! Checkingsupplieditems Make sure that you have following items Large eyecup 1 p. The number ill the parentheses indicates number of that item supplied. Attachingthe lens hoodwith lens cover To openor close theshutter ofthe Lenshood withlenscover Move the lens cover lever up or down open or close hdr-fxx1000 lens cover.

Disconnect the AC Adaptor you use a fully charged battery pack. Whenthepicture in theviewfinder is hardtosee If you cannot see the picture ill the viewfinder clearly under bright circumstances, use the supplied large eyecup.

To attach the large eyecup, stretch it slightly and align it with the eyecup groove ill the viewfinder. You call attach the large eyecup facing either the right or left side. Insertinga tape or a “Memory Stick Duo” The cassette compartment automatically slides back hdg-fx1000. When mannual in DV li rmat, you can switch the aspect ratio to 4: It will be easier to confirm focus The current F value appears on the also manually preset one or two of these screen.


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The shutter speed value disappears, appears next to the shutter speed value. Hdr-fc1000 can assign your own: This function is more effective for chromatic colors and less effective for achromatic colors. The color looks deeper as you increase the setting value to more positive side, and lighter as you decrease the value to more negative side. Select ION] when you want to use this function.

You can also select other areas. MARK] is assigned again before you start recording. You can set the transition The screen changes date and time VCR, the display changes in the following sequence: Locatinga scene on a tape Commander at the scene where you want to create a cue point.

The tape counter is reset to “0: Press the STOP button [] when you want to stop playback. You call search scenes by recording dates. You call search scenes by indexes recorded at the start of recording p.

Playingthe pictureon a TV Connection methods and image quality differ depending on what type of TV is connected connectors used. Refer also to the instruction manuals supplied with the device to be connected. A movie recorded in HD quality is converted and played back in SD quality.

A movie recorded in SD quality is played back in SD quality. Press the MENU button to hide the menu screen. The indicators ill parentheses appear when You c all select the value between -6dB You can set the auto white balance and 2 1dB b y3dB. The l arger the value, operation under a reddish light source such the h igher the g ain.

The default follows changes ill the brightness You can select whether to play back audio The indicators ill parentheses appear when the items are selected. Itis displayed Recording s ettings, i nputandoutput when you s tart playback orrecording.

You call select outputs to which display The indicators in parentheses appear when information, such as time code, is the items are selected. If you want to format The indicators ill parentheses appear when The default settings are marked with You call select a folder in which you want The indicators in parentheses appear when to store still images.

N Tochange the cameraprofilename You call change the camera profile name. Select this when you do not want to miss a recording chance. Connect your camcorder to the wall outlet wall socket using the supplied AC Adaptor this operation p.


Sony HDR-FX1000 User Manual

Refer also to the instruction manuals supplied with the devices to be connected. The connection method and the image quality will differ depending Signal flow HDVi compatible i.

LINK cable optional device i. AV device with i. LINK cable optional i. Select a cable that fits the terminal on the device 1o be connecled. Indicatnrs Prepare your camcorder for Titles that are recorded on other camcorder playback. You can record a scene as a still image compatible device i.

Set the input signal of your camcorder. Perform steps 1 to 4 in “Recording movies. The pictures on the VCR appear The cornputer needs hsr-fx1000 have all i. LINK cable to the computer lirsl. AC Adaptor from the wall outlet wall socket and contact your Sony dealer. The battery pack may be damaged.

For example, when you open or close the LCD panel, it takes about 1 minute to display the correct remaining battery, time. The cassette is noisier during rewinding or fast-forwarding. SCAN] is set to [24] or [30]. You cannot play back tape. LINK cable, no picture appears on the monitor screen during dubbing. You cannot add sound to the recorded tape. You cannot dub correctly using the HDMI cable.

Sony HDR-FX Manual – Page 1 of |

You cannot view or copy a movie recorded on a tape Inform them of the 5-digit code, which starts When an error occurs, a warning indicator from “E. Cannot use this battery in the Warning indicator You cannot delete created folders using your camcorder. Use manuual commercially available plug adaptor [a], if necessary, depending on the design wall outlet [b]. Maintenanceand precautions Copyrightsignal N Whenyouplayhack If the cassette you play back on your Your camcorder is capable of recording camcorder contains copyright signals, both HDV and DV hdr-fd1000.

When labeling the cassette Be sure to place the label only on the locations shown in the following Memory Stick Duo illustration so as not to cause a malfunction with MagicGate of your hcr-fx1000. Please contact your Sony recorded or played back correctly because dealer or local authorized Sony service facility of dirt on the tape or video head.

Depending tn have the vide heads replaced.