jest przedmiotem analiz w ramach badań nad inteligencją emocjonalną, Test złożony jest z 14 opisów sytuacji, a dla każdej z nich badany. Lifestyle – Twoja inteligencja emocjonalna + TEST. katarzynapluska, kompetencjemiekkie · test/. The validation study showed that the TIE is a reliable and valid test, the Test of Emotional Intelligence (Test Inteligencji Emocjonalnej, TIE).

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Intelligence and semen quality are positively correlated. Intelligence37, emocjjonalna Emotional intelligence and emotional information-processing. Personality and Individual Diff erences39— Social self-concept, social attributions, and peer relationships in fourth, fi fth, and sixth graders who are gifted compared to high achievers.

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Emotional intelligence

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TIE: An Ability Test of Emotional Intelligence

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TIE: An Ability Test of Emotional Intelligence

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Twoja inteligencja emocjonalna + TEST

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The abilities of man.