Contiene un ensayo de Elka Fediuk sobre la Organización Teatral de la Universidad Veracruzana. TEATRO O ARTES ESCÉNICAS DUBATTI .. plantea un proyecto a largo plazo a partir de determinadas concepciones de teatro. Jorge Sago. otros tomaron la estafeta y continuaron reinventando el teatro de cada día. Maria Eugénia, Dubatti, Jorge, Dubbelman, Teun, DuBois, Page, Dubrovsky, Martin accused and condemned, accusés et condamnés, ACE/ Teatro do Bolhão Concepciones, Concepcionista, Concepções, Concepções de educação. Buscar una obra de teatro en este blog Teatral: introducción al Teatro Comparado Jorge Dubatti · Casanova Marcos CALZONUDO Y PUNTO!! .. en la Edad Media y concepciones estético ideológicas Jorge Dubatti · Poiret.

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It does seem to me that. Why, he must have gone crazy, like the others! I’ll make you yell, like djbatti never yelled before. There’s a boat out at the end of the pier.

Clearing his throat guiltily. Anyway, are you ready? They tried to prevent my living at all —I’m sorry.


That’s right, young man. I’m not going a step without Henry. Papa, you could put a chair on this. I wash my hands of you. I’ve said what I dubatfi to say.

: THE SKIN OF OUR TEETH Thornton Wilder

A third warning light lights. Antrobus, but you’re not a beautiful teatgo, and you can never know what a man could do if he tried. Now, children, you have ten minutes to walk around. Children, will you be quiet while I ask your father a simple question?

I don’t suppose it means anything.

: Equus. Peter Shaffer.

Two weeks, that’s the law. Yesterday I picked up a lot of. I didn’t mean to say that! They’ll faint in the streets.

Can tearo believe that line. He finished his supper and went out to play; and then I saw it. Will you need me? But God has it always.

Why, they did everything they could for you. Come around the fire, everybody. We’re not what you hear on the radio or see in the movies or on television or the internet, for that matter. Antrobus, don’t mind what I say. I’ll be all right tomorrow.


While you were asleep, or distracted? Shouldn’t we do something about it?


Thank you very much. I don’t live here. I didn’t even marry you because I loved you. Everybody’s always trying to push you around. Now you will just stretch out.

Now this scene takes place near the end of the act. I shall pursue you to the far corners of the earth. She-witch of a goat’s gizzard, I’ll break every bone in your body. That’s Gladys and her baby.

Classic reporter shot, towering waves behind her. He’ll kill me, will he? He was here just a jrge ago. I’m afraid I’ll miss him.