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If you desire that your conduct should be good and preserved from all evil, sabiudria yourself from every attack of bad humor. Old age makes a man altogether miserable; the nose is stopped up, breathing no more from exhaustion.

Las instrucciones de Ptahhotep

He and laa wife later founded the Ramses Institute, which is dedicated to creating a photographic description of Egypt for the preservation of endangered archaeological sites.

If any one asserts that he beats others, Ptah will end by reducing him to impotence. Having reached the great age of he decided to pass on his experience by setting down a collection of sayings, or ‘wisdoms.

Command only to direct; to be absolute is to run into evil. So I shall bring it about that your body shall be healthful, that sabidufia Pharaoh shall be satisfied with you in all circumstances and that you shall obtain years of life without default. Christian Jacq is a French author and Egyptologist. If you are wise, look after your house; love your wife without alloy. Jacq’s series describes a vision of the life of the pharaoh: Having reached the great age of he decided to pass Egyptologist, essayist and novelist, Christian Jacq is one of the most widely read authors in the world.

Las instrucciones de Ptahhotep

Skyler rated it it was amazing Oct 10, BostonRS rated it liked it Dec 12, Nose is blocked, unable to breathe, how old it feels standing or sitting. When a son attends to his father, it is a twofold joy for both; when wise things are dde to him, the son is gentle toward his master.


Think about the words Books by Christian Jacq. What old age does to people is evil in every way. With so much happening in the world today it appears that many of these spiritual principals are forgotten.

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That transports men to Ptah, even the love for the work which they accomplish. Cause that it be so and that evil be removed from those that are enlightened; send the double.

Let none innovate upon the precepts of his father; let the same precepts form his lessons to his children.

Be active during the time of your existence, do no more than is commanded. I take by virtue of my authority. This term, the Middle Egyptian syntax and the late Middle Kingdom date of the two earliest surviving manuscript pfahhotep, point to a Twelfth Dynasty date of composition.

Ptahhotp infects fathers, mothers, and mothers’ brothers; it separates wife from husband, Greed is ptqhhotep coming together of all kinds of evil and contains everything that is hateful.

Sabduria my sovereign, Old age has struck, age has descended, Feebleness has arrived, weakness is here again. Where in the world did I hear about this? Do not lose the daily opportunity of increasing that which your house possesses. Be not of an irritable temper as regards that which happens at your side; grumble not over your own affairs. The other “children” are only young officials trained for government and who are nicknamed “sons of the pharaoh”.

Do not repel her; grant that which pleases her; it is to her contentment that she appreciates your work.

It has caused me on earth to obtain one hundred and ten years of life, along with the gift of the favor of the Pharaoh among the first of those whom their works have ennobled, satisfying the Pharaoh in a place of dignity.


If you abase yourself in obeying a superior, your conduct is entirely good before Ptah. Actually pretty good advice, mostly about being circumspect. Ptah, who has created his superiority, turns himself from him and he is overthrown. Let your thoughts be abundant, but let your mouth be under restraint, and you shall argue with the great. You are attached to the palace of the king; your house is established in its fortune, and your profits are as is fitting.

The Maxims of Ptah-Hotep is no exception. Your body is full of vigor, your face is above your neighbors. When a man has established his just equilibrium and walks in this path, there where he makes his dwelling, there is no room for bad humor. But a man becomes a god when he is chief of a tribe which has confidence in following him. Molti degli insegnamenti tramandati sono in accordo con altre filosofie quali stoicismo e buddismo, per nominarne alcune.

Vicente Mulero Carbonell rated it really liked it Oct 01, Your merit then is worth more than those who did you honor. The great man stretching forth his hand does that to which other men do not attain. Twice good is the precept of his father, from whom he has issued, from his flesh. I think the world would be a better place if we would all study Ptah-Hotep’s wisdom and apply it in our daily lives.

What he tells us, let it be fixed in our heart; to satisfy him greatly let us do for him more than he has prescribed. Refresh and try again.