Hey everybody, im a noob and im looking into making a caselman airgun or girandoni style automatic gun. (for those of you not familiar with a. The Caselman air machinegun was designed in the late 70s by Jeff Caselman. Several were made and sold, along with plans and a construction video. Air Machine Gun design, 30 shot clip, selective fire, 32 ACP power, hand held Caselman Explorations, Box , Cameron, MO “.

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Cal Caselman Air-Powered Machine Gun (UPDATE: More photos) -The Firearm Blog

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In total there are 20 users online:: Caselman air machinegun Author: I believe MrCrowley had linked to some pictures in the past but this link contains the actual drawings.


You have to make many weapons, because this field is long and short life. You see any videos on that site?

Assuming a similar projectile weight, I’d say around fps. I wouldn’t mind one of those Does that thing kinda look like a big cat to you?

This video along the Plans avaiable at http: We can be sure it is as accurate amchinegun the best closed-bolt submachineguns, something like meters.

It is a closed-bolt weapon, and since airguns are ever more accurate than any firearm, it is not hard to imagine that. Of course if we pick the best bullet weight, profile, hardness to our rifling path and bbl. The password to download it is: Geez, a machinehun complex, I wonder what velocity it gets? Oh man was that sweet!! As I guessed in the earlier post about this gun the valving is a sheridan system.

For those of you not familiar, “an autococker or PGP”. Not exactly the same due to its cocking system, but nonetheless incorporating the same machinegn. A darn good valve design I might add. Just about impossible to kill one.


Caselman Air-Powered Machine Gun

It would still be a challenging project however due to the sort of construction required to withstand its high operating pressure. If you had access to such materials and equipment, it would be far easier to build a psi cloud strafer, with similarly devastating performance. And I agree, a lot cooler. SpudFiles skin originally developed by: Who is online In total there are 20 users online:: Author Message Caselman air machinegun Author: Who is online Registered users: